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Changeset 901221 is being indexed.

Missed this file. (FELIX-1991)

Use UTF-8 when decoding URLs. (FELIX-1998)

FELIX-1992 Replace special character with a Character constant
Applied patch (FELIX-1991) to make boot delegation class loader configurable.

Fix to work with Maven 3
FELIX-1995: Spring status does not show properly after osgi:list command
[FELIX-1994]Web Console admin,features and gogo plugins do not work with Equinox
Update copyright year ....
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removed useless invocation of config.setBundleLocation(null)
don't log in addDictionary callback, because the logger may not be injected yet
FELIX-1970: the stop script should always work even if the default user / password / host has been changed
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.webconsole-2.0.6
FELIX-1957 Replace use of String.replaceAll not available in OSGi/Minimum-1.0 EE by using a StringTokenizer to replace all occurrences of "<" in strings by "&lt;".
FELIX-1957 Replace use String.matches by using a regular string match. First this makes this method usable in a OSGi/Minimum-1.0 EE evnironment this should also make this method faster: Previously the list was iterated and for each pattern, the JAR file was opened and scanned. Now the JAR file is opened and scanned once and for each entry, the list of "prefixes" is matched.
FELIX-1957 Replace use of LinkedHashMap not available in OSGi/Minimum-1.0 EE by TreeMap.
FELIX-1957 Remove String.split method not available in OSGi/Minimum-1.0 EE
Remove unneeded comma in Embed-Dependency element and clearly mark "import everything else" in the Import-Package element
added notice
fixed ant script
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changed the annotation sample code with a SpellCheck Felix Shell command: the command uses two dictionaries in order to check spelling (english dictionary, and french dictionary)
fixed bug when creating a ConfigurationDependency (the pid was not set)
Remove unneeded imports.

register the FelixDMCommand instead of the DMCommand command
fixed symbolic name
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import dependencymanager packages using version range
revert to previous version: this is the FelixDMCommand which properly implements the Command interface
fixed the DMCommand which must implement the Felix Command interface
added new testcase regarding annotations and dependencymanager service factories
fixed bug when handling dependencymanager service factory parameters