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Implemented ServiceEvent.MODIFIED_ENDMATCH. (FELIX-1244)

Fix a memory leak when stopping and restarting felix by using weakreferences inside the bundle protection domain. (FELIX-1170)
URLHandlers are broken on harmony and J9. The reason is that they don't expect somebody to call toExternalForm from inside a URLHandlers. That causes a NPE and subsequently, we don't start-up. This fixes the issue for harmony and hopefully for J9 as well. (FELIX-893)
Update to felix-parent 1.2.0 and use EasyMock instead of JMock
FELIX-925 Allow activate and deactivate methods to have different signatures

* Refactored reflection use for finding and invoking methods

* Allow for private and package private methods

* Unit tests

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FELIX-1200: Move features-maven-plugin into Karaf
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Add a gitignore file for Karaf
Fire STOPPING and STOPPED events if a bundle fails to activate,

as per the spec. (FELIX-1237)

Slight modification to only call Class.forName() when an array

type is detected to avoid class circularity error. (FELIX-1233)

FELIX-1229 : Cache parameter map for annotations and fix activation methods if annotations are used.
Fix imports
FELIX-925 Use names of the activate and deactivate methods from the descriptor
FELIX-1223 Refactor Configuration support

- use ConfigurationAdmin.listConfiguration to get initial configuration

- implement ConfigurationListener interface for configuration update

- provide configuration through ComponentRegistry

- Remove Component interface since the only implementation is the

AbstractComponentManager and it is internal only

- Remove ManagerFactory and inline the functionality in the


FELIX-1239 Do not make the AbstractComponentManager.getServiceReference method synchronized

and document how we cope with multi-threading situations. Also make the serviceReference field

volatile to help us here.

FELIX-1229 : Fix some bugs introduced with implemented the new features.
FELIX-924 configuration policy configurable

FELIX-925 activate and deactivate method names are configurable

FELIX-929 name attributes of component and reference elements are optional

FELIX-930 Add support for DS 1.1 XML schema and namespace

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Applied a correcting patch when stopping rmiconnections.

1. Call stop()

2. If there were pending connections, stop() closes all of them but throws an IOException

3. Catch the exception and call stop() again

4. This time, it should not throw anything and stop successfully

FELIX-1229 : Correct handling method visibility and warnings
FELIX-1238 Applying patch by Filippo Diotalevi adding missing returns statements.
FELIX-1229 : Correct handling of errors and warnings
Implement include/exclude directives for activation policy. (FELIX-749)

FELIX-1229 : Support new annotations
Remove hard-coded service package version. (FELIX-1236)

FELIX-1229 : Add new annotations for activate and deactivate; add enumerations for policy and strategy
FELIX-1229 : Deactivate has more possibilites than activate; update versions as this are new major features.
Applied patch (FELIX-1203) to check for uninstalled bundle.

FELIX-1229 : Add support for new bind and unbind signatures
Applied patch (FELIX-1216) to avoid class cast exception

when a property is not a string.

Applied patch (FELIX-1208) to update tests to new version of EasyMock.

FELIX-1229 : Add support for new activate and deactivate signatures and custom method name