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Changeset 783472 is being indexed.

Modified example to work with Felix 1.8.0 release.

The default configuration file now refers to the correct property

name for setting the framework's beginning start level. (FELIX-1198)

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Merging of fragment import package and required bundle declarations

into the host bundle was faulty and could result in a class cast

exception. The code was using a map to merge the dependencies, but

was using values of an incorrect type. (FELIX-1197)

FELIX-1213 Reactivate component with static reference if a new service

with higher ranking than a bound service is registered

Add two config files
FELIX-1212: Possible infinite loop when a remote ssh connection is closed
Renamed a variable. (FELIX-749)

Deferred activation should happen immediately if the bundle has already

defined classes. (FELIX-749)

Ensure org.osgi.service.http package is required and not optional (thanks Sahoo for pointing out)
Updated exported package versions for new R4.2 API. (FELIX-1205)

Added some new methods needed by the R4.2 API. (FELIX-1205)

Updated pom to include new R4.2 packages in bundle. (FELIX-1205)

These are no longer needed, since we updated to the R4.2 API. (FELIX-1205)

Updated to the latest R4.2 interfaces.

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FELIX-1024: Fix the karaf client/server to allow direct execution of commands
Initial work on activation policies. (FELIX-749)

Added final patch for service registry hooks. (FELIX-905,FELIX-906)

FELIX-1196: Allow Felix Web Console to show Karaf features
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  1. /karaf/webconsole/src/main/resources/META-INF
  2. /karaf/webconsole/src/main/java/org/apache/felix
  3. /karaf/webconsole/src/main/java/org/apache
FELIX-1121: Add feature for installing Felix Web Console
FELIX-1185 make m_state field volatile
FELIX-1185 "satisfied" state of a service factory component

is "registered" (like the delayed service component) and not

"factory" (which is only used factory components).

FELIX-1185 Make getSatisfiedState() final in the AbstractComponentManager

and remove all getSatisfiedState() methods from extensions and replace

m_state my m_name field in log messages of the State class.

Set module class loader parent to the same class loader used for boot

delegation. (FELIX-1190)

FELIX-1185 Apply state machine patch by Agemo Cui (thanks alot!)
FELIX-1195 Check whether the component has already been

destroyed and log this separately before checking for

the bundle state

FELIX-1191 Add logging to OBR support plugin
Apply Pierre's patch for the Felix-1183 issue.
Fix issue Felix-1182.

The updated method of the properties handler is now called with propagated properties (if the propagation is enabled).

Adapt the test to check this beheavor.

Print better message if there is an error when processing auto-install/start

bundles. (FELIX-1189)

Add support for enabling bundle activation policy when starting the bundle;

this is achieved by using "start -p" to enabled the bundle's declared

activation policy. (FELIX-1181)