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Changeset 722115 is being indexed.

Fix a minor bug when a MBean has'nt properties. This bug was inserted during the last refactoring (namespace sub-elements)
FELIX-840: Ignore invalid scr files in dependent bundles.
FELIX-824 Fix since tags (should be version 1.0.9 instead of 1.0.10)
FELIX-824 Fix since tags (should be version 1.0.9 instead of 1.0.10)
FELIX-824 Applied slightly modified patch by Thijs Metsch (Thanks)

Modifications are some minor reformatting, slight change in how the

Reference object field is set from the tag and ensuring the field is

written to the private descriptor file required for extensibility

Fix issue Felix-834.

Provides annotations for the whiteboard, extender and event admin handlers.

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Updated some headers, based the modified service tracker on the lastest one from OSGi R4.1, some minor changes for the shell bundle.
Added some extra options after feedback from initial users.
Add the dependency comparator test suite to the pom file.
Commit the integration-test project embedding iPOJO Integration test

They use the junit4osgi maven plugin and are executed with the 'mvn clean integration-test' command.

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Add session to junit4osgi:

- services are automatically unget

- instances created with the iPOJO helper are automatically disposed

Add a log service implementation to the junit4osgi plugin to collected logged messages during test execution (as well as messages printed on System.out ans System.err).

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Move the junit4osgi maven plugin to the trunk
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Check to see whether there is a stdin, if not then the thread just exits.


Accidentally applied this patch, so reverting it now.

Applied patch (FELIX-820) to throw an exception when there is an attempt

to start or stop a fragment, as per the spec.

Patch to address a bug during shutdown where uninstalled fragments are not

properly closed, since the fragment and it host both have the fragment's

content open. Modified the purge during shutdown to happen after all bundles

are remove/closed, instead of before. (FELIX-819)

Fix issue Felix-828

The JMX Handler name attribute creates correctly the name part of the MBean objectname.

Fix issue Felix-829

The JMX Handler property and method sub-elements should use the JMX handler namespace to be compliant with the XML Schema.

Fix issue Felix-830

Simplify the custom annotation processing to avoid using id/parent attributes.

Fix issue Felix-825

Provide annotations for the JMX handler

Update pom files to use the RAT plugin (allowing to automatically check missing license)

Update pom files to use the Checkstyle plugin (check automatically code format)

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Try to improve multi bundle locking to make sure we make multi bundle operation atomic and so are not interleaved with single bundle operations.
Avoid adding dependent bundles that have already been removed.

Downgraded the dependency on org.osgi.core from 1.2.0 to 1.0.1 to be more

compatible. (FELIX-821)

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Moved all dependencies on org.osgi.core-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT to org.osgi.core-1.2.0,

since they should depend on a released version. (FELIX-821)

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Modified the pom file to export the OSGi packages; this can be helpful for

tools trying to determine what the JAR file provides.

Adapt to latest felix version.
Missing a comma in default.properties.

Fixed a few style issues.

Applied a patch (FELIX-804) to add partial support for new service registry

hooks as proposed for OSGi R4.2; currently, only listener hooks are supported.

  1. /framework/src/main/java/org/osgi/framework/hooks
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  2. /org.osgi.core/src/main/java/org/osgi/framework
Commit a missing file (core.xsd in the manipulator).

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Fix issue Felix-815.

Properties becomes optional by default.

Unvalued properties are not published with the service reference until they receive a value.

Setter methods are not called until properties receive a value

Injected values in fields follow standard Java initialization (null for object and arrays, 0 for numeric types, false for boolean).

Mandatory properties can be set with the 'mandatory' attribute (supported in XML and in the annotations).

The core.xsd XML Schema is also modified to add the new attribute.

This improvement allows removing default value in properties (such as in the architecture handlers).

Provides test about this new improvement

Fix issue Felix-816

The comparator attribute is now supported for any binding policy.

Provides test about using custom comparator with any binding policy

Fix issue Felix-817

Solve an issue in the ServiceExporter when a service in unregistered twice (throws an IllegalStateException since a recent modification of the Felix framework).

Fix issue Felix-818

Implement the ServiceReferenceImpl compareTo method (method added in OSGi R4.1). This method reuse the same implementation as the Felix framework ServiceReferenceImpl method.

Remove junit4osgi embedded tests

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  1. /ipojo/tests/core/service-dependency-comparator/src
  2. … 50 more files in changeset.
Refactor js to make it better reusable for other plugins
Fix issue Felix-813.

XML-Schemas are now embedded in the manipulator. The manipulator tries to use those files to validate the metadata.xml file. If a schema cannot be loaded "internally", the regular downloading process continue.

The internal resolution of schema can also be skipped by setting the ignoreEmbeddedSchemas parameter:

Ant: ignoreEmbeddedSchemas="true" attribute in the iPOJO task

Maven: <ignoreEmbeddedSchemas>true</ignoreEmbeddedSchemas> in the iPOJO plugin configuration

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