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Changeset 647286 is being indexed.

Updated bundles version in the UPnP script

Added random generation of devices ID in the examples

Review of driver interface documentation

- Modify the level of the two messages displayed when iPOJO is starting.

- Add the possibility to disable the Nullable Pattern by adding nullable="false" in the service requirement attribute. So, iPOJO injects null instead of a Nullable object when no providers are available.

- Add tests on the Nullable deactivation.

Add missing maven-felix-plugin entry (this plugin is used in some of the examples)
Avoid the architecture service to publish non-service interfaces (FieldInterceptor and MethodInterceptor)

Handle correctly ManagedService configuration deletion.

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Modify pom files to use correct version.

Add ManagedService management in the Configuration Handler (the PID of the Managed Service can be specified both in the component type or in the component instance configuration).

Add ManagedService tests in the test suite

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Make sure to catch NoClassDefFoundError when trying to query the framework classloader for whether a class is available or not. Previously, it was possible that this query was leaked to bundles because of the error propagate all the way to the bundle that instigated the classload.
Fixed issue preventing bundles from being updated correctly if their file/entry-name changes between versions.
FELIX-526: Prepend embedded dependencies before maven resources to avoid overwriting them
FELIX-523: Update bundleplugin to use BND 0.0.249
Need explicit dependency on jetty-util for reactor build
Add missing header in pom file.

Modify parent section of pom files to point on the felix pom file.

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Commit the new iPOJO version (0.7.6).
  1. /ipojo/examples/junit4osgi/swing-runner/src
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The shell has a problem when being stopped using the BundleActivator.stop() method but not getting any input because it is blocked on System.in. This patch fixes the issue by using the ready() method to wait until input is available. There still is a race condition in case more then one Thread is listening on System.in but we can ignore this for now because in case the race condition happens we default to the old behaviour.
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.configadmin-1.0.1
Fix pom for commons collections.
FELIX-522 Verify the correctness of the key according to symbolic-name
FELIX-503 Account for path info being null in case of direct resource access
FELIX-55 Upgrade to Jetty 6.1.7 and export Servlet API 2.5 from within the bundle

FELIX-434 Support remote user and authentication type API when using handleSecurity()

FELIX-521 only try to compare option values if any values to compare to exist
FELIX-520 Populate the max value from the max attribute in the readAD() method
FELIX-519: ouput warning when projects are skipped because their type is not supported
Read repository information in a doPriv to make security easier.
We need to have a way to still maintain a notion of default permissions in case that there is a condpermadmin present and no permissions have been set yet. This follows the way it is currently done in other frameworks and just uses the default permisssions of the permissionadmin in case there are no conditionpermission tuples present. This might change when the spec is clarified.
Don't try to resolve extension bundles because they are resolved at install time - this fixes an exception that could get thrown under certain conditions.
- Fixed issue where resource processors could close the underlying deployment package stream by closing the resource specific stream

- Completed event now contains a Boolean instead of a String as defined in compendium 114.11

- A few cosmetic changes

Update notice file.
FELIX-517: use StringUtils to replace {maven-dependencies}
FELIX-298 Adde c3p0 to Apache Felix Common project

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FELIX-299 Added backport-util-concurrent 3.0 to Apache Felix Common project

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