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Changeset 1790859 is being indexed.

Remove commented out line of code that is not needed any more.

Fix issue with MapDelegate as exposed in the YamlSerializerTest.

Fix broken test.

[FELIX-5609] Do not require the OSGi package when using TypedProperties
Update Felix Converter to follow new OSGi API

The API now contains a new mechanism to handle custom errors.

Add missing license header.

[FELIX-5610] Files should be deleted if a configuration is deleted
[FELIX-5609] Full support for both untyped and typed configurations
[FELIX-5608] New TypedProperties object to support typed properties file
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Fix possible NPE
Additional annotation conversion test.

Fix compilation errors in converter now that handleError() has been removed.

Normalize require capabilites the same way we normalize provide capabilites as per spec (FELIX-5604).
Re-enable the error handlers
Fix converter implementation
Felix Converter - fix compilation errors

FELIX-5567 : EventAdmin contains compact3 profile code
FELIX-5568 : SCR contains compact3 profile code
FELIX-5601 - issues resolving with substitutable exports

Original fix had issues with assuming the Candidates::m_dependenMap

got updated as the CandidateSelectors moved on to the next candidate.

Need an additional check to make sure the current candidate is the

one that could be substituted.

This also exposed an issue with the solution for the testcase

that had long blame requirement chain. In this case we have

historically started at the direct requirement for the conflicting

capability and worked our way back to the root requirement for

the blame chain.

This worked for the most part when we didn't pay attention to

substitutable capabilities when permuting, but I suspect there

were still cases where this would eliminate. This fix now

traverses the blame chain from both directions to ensure

we can find a solution when one exists

[gogo][jline] Print a slighly nicer message when an exception is caught from a posix command instead of "null"
[FELIX-5600] System streams are not correctly set when running a new shell
[FELIX-5599] Allow reusing a closure from a parent session
FELIX-5602 : Use Java 6 as base java version
Make osgi api optional
FELIX-5601 - issues resolving with substitutable exports
Update to latest released bundlerepository version 2.0.8
Make the empty ImmutableMap a singleton to improve memory usage (This closes #97).
Felix Converter - support case insensistive DTO conversions

Felix Converter - support case-insensitive keys.

Felix Converter - add keysIgnoreCase() which is a new method in the API