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Changeset 1746618 is being indexed.

FELIX-4417 Improve logging of circular references. Fix some problems introduced with rev 1744827 when activate changes service properties.
FELIX-5264 Introduce a single State enum and use an atomic to track it, and use some optimistic locking on state changes. This fixes the specific issue found and should provide much easier diagnosis of any remaining or new problems.
[FELIX-5271] Change system bundle location to System Bundle
FELIX-5273: Wrong log when a callback is not found from component instance(s).

[FELIX-5243] Make ComponentContextImpl#setImplementationAccessible public, similar to setImplementationObject
[FELIX-5243] Remove anonymous inner class, add a unit test to ensure package consistency
[FELIX-5272] Upgrade to jline 3.0.0.M1
[FELIX-5243] Add a ConfigurableComponentHolder#getComponentMethods() method
FELIX-5254: Improve structure of permutations to use unmodifiable capability lists
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.webconsole-4.2.16
Update changelog
FELIX-4941 : Web console doesn't work with fileinstall
FELIX-4795 : Servlet API 3.x not supported
FELIX-5268: added test for this issue.

FELIX-5268: Added test case which reproduces the issue for FELIX-5268.

use JavaSE 1.8
Set compiler level to 1.6, mark dependencies as scope provided, and try to fix startup in spring boot (FELIX-5265,FELIX-5266, FELIX-5267).
FELIX-5268: in unregisterService(), also unregister the service if the bundle state is Bundle.STARTING.

removed this temporary test. Will make another one later.
Added test which ensures that a service provider is removed from the OSGi service registry when

the DM component is removed from DependencyManager.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.scr.bnd-1.5.0
Use latest released versions for scr generator and scr annotations.

Added FELIX-5108.
FELIX-5186 Fix more alarmist logging on async service changes
FELIX-4417 More informative circular reference tracking
SLING-5259 : SslFilterRequest always returns -1 when X-Forwarded-Port header is not present. Apply patch from Bryan Stopp
[FELIX-5243] Refactor all component methods related code into a separate package
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[FELIX-5243] Refactor to isolate manager, helper and metadata packages

Isolate metadata package by using the Bundle instead of the ComponentHolder for checking target

Introduce a ScrConfiguration interface

Only keep ScrConfigurationImpl and related classes into the config package, move other classes to manager

Move PackageAdmin support into ClassUtils

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