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[FELIX-4942] Move package source cache into Packages
[FELIX-4942] Remove dead code
[FELIX-4942] Use OpenHashMap in Packages and introduce a very fast ArrayMap for very small maps
[FELIX-4942] Better use of OpenHashMap in Candidates
[FELIX-4942] Extract the consistency check into its own method
[FELIX-4942] Remove unused parameter in populate(Dynamic)WireMap
[FELIX-4942] Avoid creating and throwing exceptions to report resolution problems internally. Also lazily create the error messages reported to the user.
[FELIX-4942] Introduce a Util.isReExport() method
[FELIX-4942] Improve Logger to provide isDebugEnabled() and debug() methods
[FELIX-4942] Faster linked hash map implementation based on fastutil
[FELIX-4942] Capabilities should not really implements equals
[FELIX-4942] Add some missing capabilities to a test.
[FELIX-4942] Improve the big resolution test to help testing for performance
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.webconsole-4.2.10
FELIX-4852 ; Unbinding configuration does not have desired effect
[FELIX-4691] Empty string value for property causes build failure
FELIX-4951 : [DS][RFC-190] Correct pid handling
FELIX-4957 : [DS][RFC-212] Various issues with field references
FELIX-4957 : [DS][RFC-212] Various issues with field references
[DS][RFC-212] Various issues with field references
[DS][RFC-212] Various issues with field references
[DS][RFC-212] Various issues with field references
Update changelog
[FELIX-4823] Filtering snapshots is failing if version qualifier contains more than "SNAPSHOT"
[FELIX-3324] Allow maven-bundle-plugin:manifest to dump SCR component definitions generated by bnd
[FELIX-3994] Optional merging of duplicate manifest headers
[FELIX-3565] Embed-Transitive leaks transitive dependencies of excluded artifacts
[FELIX-4809] More flexibility for selecting the comparison artifact
[FELIX-4956] Embed latest bndlib