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Changeset 1643082 is being indexed.

Fix FELIX-4668

When a required stereotype class (or any class) is not in the bundle, tries to load it from the classpath.

FELIX-4713 - Change how interface are loaded when checking the provided services (interfaces).
Fix FELIX-4715

Support the instance bundle context injection for instances declared in @Configuration

Fix FELIX-4713

Applied proposed patch.

[FELIX-4712] Upgrade connect to OSGi r5

Upgrade to Java 6

Add support for FrameworkStartLevel, StartLevel and PackageAdmin

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Applied the patch provided by Stefan Seifert for FELIX-4711

Web Console: False AJAX error displayed on deleting or unbinding config


Fixed the issue with my previous commit for FELIX-4677

See also https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-4677

FELIX-4582 Fixed formating issues.
FELIX-4582 Added Woven Class Listeners functionality from OSGi R6 Chapter 56. Added additional tests for listeners.
FELIX-4582 Add additional tests to BundleWiringImpl. Cover weaving cases. Added asm to pom in test scope only.
FELIX-4405 update to latest spec classes to include ComponentServiceObjects. Update bnd.bnd file to avoid split-package warnings
FELIX-4582 Add additional tests to BundleWiringImpl. Cover class exists and class does not exist.
[FELIX-4708] Provide more substitution options
FELIX-4582 Add secure action for woven class listeners.
FELIX-4705 Added logger to BundleClassLoader and BundleClassLoaderJava5
Remove folder created by eclipse. Apologies for any of those that thought there was a new felix subproject.
Initial import.
FELIX-4579 Support Framework Extension Bundle Activators

Unit test included.

Fix misspelt property. (FELIX-4701)

Fixed FELIX-4703 : User Admin plugin should use all available to the JVM crypto algorithms


Meanwhile also updated :

- the apache-rat configuration

- the dependencies file, as json2.min and crypto-js were removed

- the activator, removing some dead code

FELIX-4851 : [Core R6] Support FrameworkWiring.findProviders(Requirement)
Fixed FELIX-4677 : Web Console Configuration plugin is confusing about default values & optionality of elements


FELIX-4504 Support Core R6 Framework DTOs

Some unit tests included. This code passes all the Core R6 DTO tests.

FELIX-4699: Build broken as old snapshots are referenced.

Now, the samples are using released 3.2.0 artifact versions, and the test is using current snapshot versions.

FELIX-4631 : [DS][R6/RFC212] Implement field injection.
FELIX-4631 : [DS][R6/RFC212] Implement field injection.
FELIX-4686 : If component is declared with 1.3 NS and ds.factory.enabled = true, validation error occors
FELIX-4631 : [DS][R6/RFC212] Implement field injection.