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Changeset 1603830 is being indexed.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.bundlerepository-2.0.0
Prepare text changelog and other text files for release.

Added fixes and updated year.

[obr] Update the org.apache.felix.utils dependency to 1.6.0

[FELIX-4517] Fix possible exception
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.gogo.command-0.14.0
Revert parent for gogo-command back to 0.6.0.

Revert gogo-parent back to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT as the releasing failed again.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release gogo-parent-0.8.0
Fix path to parent in gogo-parent pom.

Revert back to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT as the releasing failed.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release gogo-parent-0.8.0
Update parent pom to gogo-parent 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT

Update gogo-parent pom to have felix-parent 2.1 as parent.

Prepare gogo command text files for releasing.

[FELIX-4517] Restore default for compatibility
[FELIX-4517] Fix service properties when using collections in blueprint
[FELIX-3381] Support for {maven-test-resources} and {maven-test-sources} placeholders
FELIX-4401 reimplement ScrInfo based on DTOs
FELIX-4402 remove commented out code, improve generics, reduce eclipse warnings
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FELIX-4537 use bnd.bnd file, set versions in it, update versions, build passes
FELIX-4402 reimplement how obsolete configurable component factory works
FELIX-4401 Rewrite main factory component tests
FELIX-4402 make the ServiceComponentRuntime work with factory components, and make tests pass
FELIX-4401, FELIX-4402 Remove obsolete proprietary admin classes and split ComponentHolder interface into inward and outward facing pieces
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FELIX-4536 implement multivalued pid property
FELIX-4402 separate ComponentHolder interface into 2 sides, one called from configuration support etc and one called from the component managers. Remove some unused methods from AbstractComponentManager. Some factory component tests currently fail.
FELIX-4402 don't enable a new ComponentManager until it's configuration is supplied to it
FELIX-4402 minor logging improvements
FELIX-4401 fix tests and test assumptions