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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.metatype-1.0.10
Update changelog
Finalized this test, which is reproducing some problems inside ConfigurationDependencyImpl.

Also, this test seems to reproduce a NPE inside config admin (see FELIX-4385).

Added event admin (1.3.2).

Extend declaration to handle the bundle context
FELIX-4383 : Metatype generation should use component name (and not classname)
FELIX-3910: Added additional test for concurrent services registration (test not finished, I need to add configuration dependencies, as well as aspects ...).

Use configadmin 1.8.0; improved logging methods, using varargs in order to allow using String.format.

For example:

debug("debug message %s", object);

FELIX-4379 : Properties, references and services from inherited classes are only used if the class has the component annotation
FELIX-4377 Readd configuration of request and respoonse header buffer size

Applying patch by Dominique Pfister (thanks alot)

FELIX-4376 Allow configuring included and excluded SSL Cipher Suites

for the Jetty server.

Applying slightly modified patch by Dominique Pfister (thanks)

[FELIX-4352] Detect missing configuration dependency before checking dependency cycles.

FELIX-4348 fix the deadlock, and use one less lock
FELIX-4348 async locate service deadlock test
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Fix FELIX-4374

Change synchronization protocol in the provided service class.

Remove outdate distributions
Implement osgi.identity namespace for fragments. Fixes FELIX-4324.

FELIX-4352: Added support of circular dependency in the wtf command (work in progress)

FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - Add basic logging and security checks
FELIX-4357: Renamed testPropertiesDefinedWithValueAttribute() method to testPropertiesWithTypes() method.

FELIX-4357: Added test cases for the 4357 issue.

FELIX-4357: Support types beside String/String[] in @Property annotation.

FELIX-4357: Support types beside String/String[] in @Property annotation.

FELIX-4357: Inline json dependency inside the target bundle.

FELIX-4302 Config Admin can create illegal names on windows

Configuration PIDs are encoded to be used as path names for

configuration files. On Windows platforms each segment in the

path must not start with one of the Windows device special names

such as LPT, COM, etc. Improved the encodePid method to encode

the first character of a segment name if it starts with one of the

special names.

FELIX-4362 Call ManagedService[Factory] methods as privileged actions

The privileged actions are called with an AccessControlContext

created from the ProtectionDomain of the called service's class.

FELIX-4360 Add a test case ensuring value order of Collection properties
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - remove unused code
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - minor updated to orphaned coordination handling, remove unused command code