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Changeset 1555708 is being indexed.

Fix FELIX-4374

Change synchronization protocol in the provided service class.

Remove outdate distributions
Implement osgi.identity namespace for fragments. Fixes FELIX-4324.

FELIX-4352: Added support of circular dependency in the wtf command (work in progress)

FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - Add basic logging and security checks
FELIX-4357: Renamed testPropertiesDefinedWithValueAttribute() method to testPropertiesWithTypes() method.

FELIX-4357: Added test cases for the 4357 issue.

FELIX-4357: Support types beside String/String[] in @Property annotation.

FELIX-4357: Support types beside String/String[] in @Property annotation.

FELIX-4357: Inline json dependency inside the target bundle.

FELIX-4302 Config Admin can create illegal names on windows

Configuration PIDs are encoded to be used as path names for

configuration files. On Windows platforms each segment in the

path must not start with one of the Windows device special names

such as LPT, COM, etc. Improved the encodePid method to encode

the first character of a segment name if it starts with one of the

special names.

FELIX-4362 Call ManagedService[Factory] methods as privileged actions

The privileged actions are called with an AccessControlContext

created from the ProtectionDomain of the called service's class.

FELIX-4360 Add a test case ensuring value order of Collection properties
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - remove unused code
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - minor updated to orphaned coordination handling, remove unused command code
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - reimplement orphaned coordination handling - passing CT now
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - start permission checking
Make sure we close input stream after reading framework version. (FELIX-4365)

[FELIX-4363] The CommandSession get/set methods are not thread safe
FELIX-4361 Applied the patch, including the suggestion from Sander Mak. Modified the existing test case to correctly terminate instead of waiting 30 seconds. Added a simpler test case that shows the problem without relying on multiple threads.
Remove unused files
FELIX-2647 : Implement Coordinator Service - further fixes for the CT tests cases, 59 of 61 passing (implemented nested failure handling, wrong thread)

- Added toString() method in Tuple inner class.

- Added "void invoke(Object[] callbackInstances, DependencyService dependencyService, ServiceReference reference, Object service, String name)"

method, which can now be used by the AspectServiceImpl class.

- Added "void invokeSwappedCallback(...)" method, which can now be used by the AspectServiceImpl class.

- Use ds.autoConfig() and ds.propagate() methods instead of ds.dependencyChanged() method.

- Don't propagate added/changed/removed service properties if the events are not for us (see handleAspectAwareXXX methods).

- The invokeAdded/invokeChanged/invokeRemoved/handleAspectAwareXXX methods are now returning a boolean in order to indicate

if the callbacks have really been invoked, or have been ignored.

FELIX-4305: implements new autoConfig/propagate methods from ComponentDeclaration interface.

FELIX-4305: All aspect dependency callbacks are proxied in order to propagate original service properties modification.

Added setServiceProperties used to update current aspect service properties.

FELIX-4305: Configure adapter service dependency with "setPropagate" in order to automaically reflect

adaptee service properties modifications.

FELIX-4305: Added getServices() method, which returns a snapshot of all currently instantiated services.

FELIX-4305: Fixed some javadocs. Added autoConfig(final Dependency dependency), propagate(final Dependency dependency) methods.

FELIX-4294: Reverted the getServiceProperties() method to the previous version