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Changeset 1453750 is being indexed.

Make tests a bit more reliable on KF.
Fix https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-3948

Provide the new extender model.

This work was mostly done by Guillaume Sauthier.

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FELIX-3935 - Testcases for JAAS integration

Done the basic setup required for using Pax Exam. The pattern used is similar to used in SCR module. As next step we just need to implement different scenarios supported by this module.

Also adding a constant class to collect constant required for using jAAS support

  1. /jaas/src/test/java/org/apache/felix/jaas
FELIX-3956 - JAAS Support bundle should have optional dependency on Servlet API

Marking the javax.servlet package as optional. And handling exception while creating plugin instance in absence of servlet api

Minor code formatting and adding some javadocs
FELIX-3952 don't hang indefinitely if a service tracking event is missing. Add more logging
FELIX-3891 add missing apache headers
FELIX-3915 R5 way of eliminating timing hole using changecount
FELIX-3891 wait a while for concurrent registration/unregistration requests to complete
Be more flexible and allow misbehaving threads to continue to issue class load

requests on class loaders from disposed of bundle wirings. Also attempt to

give a reasonable exception when a new class load request is made on a class

loader from a disposed bundle wiring. (FELIX-3907)

Apply patch (FELIX-3934) to special case fragment identity requirements


Set package version in the transaction tests
Remove System.out.
set svn ignore globally
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cosmetic fix
Use java 5.
remove iml file
FELIX-3891 Fix the new way to avoid deadlocks, and preserve state change ordering, with an actual unit test
FELIX-3945 Revert inadvertent disabling of essential functionality

as a consequence of removing SLF4J dependency (in Rev. 1452040)

FELIX-3947 Fix ClassDefNotFoundError if Servlet API cannot be wired

* Move Web Console Plugin registration from DefaultWebConsolePlugin

class (static method with DefaultWebConsolePlugin creation) to


* Define constants for the DefaultWebConsolePlugin in ConsoleConstants

to prevent loading the class

Add toString method and remove superfluous (IMO) comment references
FELIX-3946 Prevent NPE in BundlesServlet.bundleDetails

* BundleInfoProvider: Clarify webConsoleRoot may be null

* BundlesServlet: Guard pluginRoot against null (only get substring if not null)

* BundlesServlet: Fix rendition of "nfo" structure generated based

on BundleInforProvider data

* ServicesUsedInfoProvider: Generate BundleInfo of type VALUE if

webConsoleRoot is null

Reformat (replace tabs by space)
Fix License
Improve reliability of the tests.
Fix FELIX-3896.

Check for null before calling the bind callback. If the service object is null, we remove the service binding associated to this reference.

Cleanup POM

- syntactic reorder

- replace Package-Export by Export-Package

- remove Bundle-Vendor (default from parent is the same)

- replaced unused bndlib by required junit dependency

Fix unit test location (folder src/src/... is wrong)
FELIX-3945 Remove Dependency on SLF4J

Add static log method using LogService if available;

otherwise write to stdou

FELIX-3891 New way to avoid deadlocks, and preserve state change ordering