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Changeset 1228221 is being indexed.

FELIX-3283 Revert generification, using annotations, and improved for-loops (commit #1215540)

- keep Java 1.4 animal sniffer plugin

- export webconsole from pom again (but add provide:=true for proper re-import)

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FELIX-3295 Add support for a new org.apache.felix.http.context_path configuration

property to change the context path for the Http Service

FELIX-3186 Fixed the test case, which required a patch after the code changes that were done.
FELIX-3186 Applied the patch, with some improvements.
FELIX-3186 Added the supplied test case that demonstrates under which conditions the bug occurs. I had to modify the original test to actually fail.
FELIX-3292 Applied the second patch. Removed one callback signature that should have been removed, added @deprecated tags and some comments.
modified shapes, embedd deps, plus versions and licenses updates in preparation for release
modified shapes, embedd dependencies, plus versions and licenses updates in preparation for release
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httplite: added test case for cookie support
FELIX-3290 Unify cookie handling:

- global prefix "felix-webconsole-" with local names (bundlelist, locale)

- sticky cookie for 20 years

- bind to web console root path

httplite: fix bad formatting of ASF license header clobbered by Eclipse formatter.
httplite: fix versioning errors in pom, provided by patch from Yann Diorcet. See FELIX-3287
httplite: apply ASL to source file, provided by patch from Yann Diorcet. See FELIX-3287
httplite: more consise implementation of String.split() by Yann Diorcet. See FELIX-3287
httplite: compile with source/target = 1.3
httplite: use internal implementation of String.split() for CDC classlib compatiblity.
httplite: ignore socket errors after server is explicitly shutdown.
httplite: fix Bundle-Activator header in 'complete' target.
httplite: fix complete bundle pom to only package required classes rather than superset of dependencies.
FELIX-2117 Reduce the static dependencies

- Import most Compendium services dynamically

(still require Http, Startlevel, and PackageAdmin)

- Embed Metatype service package and import optionally

(allows to synthesize descriptors but still use imported

package if available)

- Make sure existing factory configurations are displayed even

in the absence of a Metatype service

FELIX-3284 Improve logging to write to stderr if servlet context is not available yet (before init) or anymore (after destroy)
FELIX-3285 properly handle some multi-value cases

- prevent setting empty vectors/collections

- make sure an existing array property gets a synthetic array descriptor

Explopde import list to be explicit rather than using wildcards
FELIX-3282 Describe why an automatically generated property form is shown

FELIX-3283 Use generics

FELIX-2709 Support some configuration from bundle context properties:

- felix.webconsole.loglevel -- AbstractWebConsolePlugin log level

- felix.webconsole.locale -- default locale overwriting Accept-Language header

FELIX-2709 Support some configuration from bundle context properties:

- felix.webconsole.manager.root -- root URL of the console

- felix.webconsole.realm -- HTTP Basic realm

- felix.webconsole.username -- HTTP Basic user name

- felix.webconsole.password -- HTTP Basic password

- such framework property configuration will also be assumed

as default configuration in the generated Metatype descriptor

FELIX-3284 Prevent excpetions masking the actual problem if the bundle update fails. Write to stderr if logging fails
FELIX-2708 Prevent NPE in LicenseServlet
Update change log with resolved issues so far