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FELIX-6172 Already Registered Servlet Exception with WebConsole

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FELIX-6168 Enable WebConsole login only after specified Security Providers are present

WebConsoleSecurityProvider implementations can identify themselves by registering a service property


The Web Console itself can then be configured through the OSGi Framework property:


The framework property is a comma-separated list of provider IDs. The Web Console will not start

until all listed security providers are present in the service registry.

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FELIX-5934 : The Felix Web Console stores unsalted hashed password. Apply patch from Antonio Sanso
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FELIX-3283 Revert generification, using annotations, and improved for-loops (commit #1215540)

- keep Java 1.4 animal sniffer plugin

- export webconsole from pom again (but add provide:=true for proper re-import)

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FELIX-3283 Use generics (reverted in commit #1228221)

FELIX-3298 Add animal sniffer plugin to enforce Java 1.4 API use

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FELIX-1910 Refactored LicenseServlet to use regular URLs to address resources instead of request parameters; ensure bundles are displayed in bundle-name sort order (as intended)
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FELIX-1211 Testcases for getGetResourceMethod
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