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Changeset 1867654 is being indexed.

FELIX-6185 : jQuery <3.4.0 is vulnerable to prototype pollution attacks. Apply patch from Dale Clarke.

This closes #204

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FELIX-5901: Update jquery-ui CSS + i18n - patch provided by catalan-adobe, thanks! (This closes #152)
  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
FELIX-5901 : Update to latest jQuery UI 1.12.1
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FELIX-5893 : JQuery Security bug CVE-2015-9251 in Web Console. Apply patch from Christanto Leonardo
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FELIX-5223 : [IE11][Edge]: Fields in OSGI Configuration Manager are not editable. Apply patch from Ana Vinatoru
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FELIX-4007 : enable multiline inputs in Web Console Configuration. Apply patch from Oliver Lietz
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FELIX-3841 CSS issues in IE with Web Console menus

Prevent the caret on the top-level menu from being displayed. This caret

is actually confusing and causes IE9 display to break.

Also we don't set the submenu icon pointing south; the default sounds

correct for now.

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FELIX-3769 Add support for top navigation categories
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FELIX-3770 Update to JQuery UI 1.9.2 and JQuery 1.8.3

- Add a debug profile serving the non-minified versions of

the JQuery libraries and CSS files for debugging purposes

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Fixed FELIX-2610 / WebConsole doesn't work with JDK 1.3.1_06 because of problem in MessageFormat/

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More fixes on FELIX-2535 /Cyrillic characters are not displayed properly./

Fixed FELIX-2535 /Cyrillic characters are not displayed properly./

FELIX-2188 Remove old admin.css and admin.js CSS and script and provide a new admin_compat.css providing parts of the former admin.css so as to render as much as possible of old plugins somewhat nice.
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FELIX-1988 Apply 17.finishing_touches.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks)
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FELIX-1988 Apply 5.main_template.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks) with the following changes: (1) also externalize the footer as a template (for consistency), (2) create a readTemplateFile method to read the file, (3) return an empty string (instead of using null) of the file fails to be read
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