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FELIX-2447 Ensure loading script resources with an absolute path to prevent resource loading failure for detail pages such as /system/console/services/15.
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FELIX-2118 Load the license data wrapped in <pre>-</pre> tages into a <div> to ensure IE can properly render the fixed-format data; in addition provide a WebConsoleUtil.setNoCache method to provide a means to inform the client to not cache the response.
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FELIX-1988 Modify license display to use the JQuery load() function thus not requiring an <iframe>. Load the details into a <pre> element with rounded corner and dynamic height.
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FELIX-1988 Apply 16.license_plugin.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks)

FELIX-1910 Refactor LicenseServlet to support on-demand loading of licenses (part of 16.license_plugin.patch)

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