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Changeset 1306183 is being indexed.

Fixed FELIX-3404 Web Admin Log Plugin stops listing of log entries if message is null.

FELIX-3320 Ensure display status is updated on start/stop of the bundle (thanks to Alex Parvalescu providing the patch)
Fixed FELIX-3311 Cookie handling seems not to work anymore

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Fixed FELIX-3315 Log plugin does not show the bundle that has logged the event

Fixed FELIX-3316 Log plugin should provide more detailed exception column

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FELIX-3290 Unify cookie handling:

- global prefix "felix-webconsole-" with local names (bundlelist, locale)

- sticky cookie for 20 years

- bind to web console root path

FELIX-2117 Reduce the static dependencies

- Import most Compendium services dynamically

(still require Http, Startlevel, and PackageAdmin)

- Embed Metatype service package and import optionally

(allows to synthesize descriptors but still use imported

package if available)

- Make sure existing factory configurations are displayed even

in the absence of a Metatype service

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FELIX-3282 Draw nice form also in the absence of MetaType information. The form setup is derived from current property values.
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FELIX-3168 Support new Password metatype

- Use private constant for the type code to not create an import dependency

- Also use password UI for string properties whose name contains "password"

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FELIX-3236 Make the language selection a long-lived one (20 years should be kind of enough ;-) )
FELIX-3116 : Saving configuration shows "AJAX error" dialog
FELIX-3111 : Separate OBR Plugin

FELIX-3107 : Separate Shell Plugin

FELIX-3099 : Separate Deployment Admin plugin

FELIX-3100 : Separate SCR plugin

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Fixed FELIX-3014 : Have a way to "deep link" to a particular tab within Configuration Status

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FELIX-3027 : Make download links for single configuration status file (or ZIP file) more prominent

FELIX-3040 : Configuration status dump should contain a timestamp when the dump has been taken

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#FELIX-3024 Add Unbind and Delete buttons to the configuration dialog
FERLIX-3022 Add uptime information in addition to the start time.
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FELIX-2971 Apply patch by Christanto (thank you very much) to support forms on IE 7
Replace tabs with spaces
Fixed FELIX-2830: Tablesorter loses it's styling if placed in JQuery TAB component

FELIX-2614 : Mark unresolved packages
Fixed FELIX-2616 /Russian l10n files for Web Console/

All credits for providing the Russian localization goes to Victor Antonovich

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Fixed FELIX-2573 /switching the console language bugs the jqueryUI datepicker component/

FELIX-2287 Improved Handling of queries on the OBR page:

- accept empty query to select all resources

- print error message if filter string is invalid

- fix WebConsoleUtil.urlDecode to return an empty string if

the value is an empty string (to be inline with the

URLDecode.decode methods).

- add resource symbolic name in parens after presentation

name to differentiate resources with the same presentation

name but different symbolic names

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Fixed FELIX-2277 /Allow the user to select display language/

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Uses spaces instead of tabs for formatting
FELIX-2288 Add support for components whose component ID is not assigned. Instead of the component ID a combination of the component name and the property assigned to the component is used. If the property is not assigned to the component, just the component name is used.
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Fixed FELIX-2207 /License plugin should support Bundle-License manifest header/

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Partial fix for FELIX-2286 /Various rendering issues with IE/

fixes config plugin

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Partial fix for FELIX-2286 /Various rendering issues with IE/

fixes component and services plugins

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Fixed FELIX-2285 /Bundles Plugin doesn't render the bundles name in IE/

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Fixed FELIX-2245 /Log Plugin - level sorting should be by level/

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