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Changeset 1459347 is being indexed.

Fixed FELIX-3986 ThreadDumper comparators are not correctly implemented

Fixed FELIX-3965 threads configuration status generates invalid results

FELIX-3874 : Create new status printer module
FELIX-3769 Add support for top navigation categories
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Fixed FELIX-3502 Improve Threads web console printer

Fixed FELIX-3417 Web Console Inconsistent status text

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Fixed FELIX-3418 Sort threads by name in Configuration Status -> Threads

FELIX-3283 Revert generification, using annotations, and improved for-loops (commit #1215540)

- keep Java 1.4 animal sniffer plugin

- export webconsole from pom again (but add provide:=true for proper re-import)

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FELIX-2708 Prevent NPE in LicenseServlet
FELIX-3283 Use generics (reverted in commit #1228221)

FELIX-3298 Add animal sniffer plugin to enforce Java 1.4 API use

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FELIX-3111 : Separate OBR Plugin

FELIX-3107 : Separate Shell Plugin

FELIX-3099 : Separate Deployment Admin plugin

FELIX-3100 : Separate SCR plugin

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Fixed FELIX-3014 : Have a way to "deep link" to a particular tab within Configuration Status

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Remove unused code
FELIX-3027 : Make download links for single configuration status file (or ZIP file) more prominent

FELIX-3040 : Configuration status dump should contain a timestamp when the dump has been taken

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Fixed FELIX-2713 /Problem in HtmlConfigurationWriter/

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FELIX-2570 Allow ConfigurationPrinter services to output HTML code
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Refactor configuration render type detection into a sngle class
FELIX-2659 : ConfigurationRender.searchMethod must catch problems more broadly
FELIX-2658 : Deprecate ConfigurationPrinter.PROPERTY_MODES constant
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FELIX-2652 : Allow attachment providers which do not implement the interface
FELIX-2650 : ConfigurationPrinter with other modes than web should be excluded from web
FELIX-2649 : Support for configuration printers without requiring them to implement the interface
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FELIX-2638 : Make a single configuration printer output available via http
FELIX-2541 Include DEPENDENCIES files on the licenses page
FELIX-2287 Improved Handling of queries on the OBR page:

- accept empty query to select all resources

- print error message if filter string is invalid

- fix WebConsoleUtil.urlDecode to return an empty string if

the value is an empty string (to be inline with the

URLDecode.decode methods).

- add resource symbolic name in parens after presentation

name to differentiate resources with the same presentation

name but different symbolic names

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FELIX-2448 Prevent WireAdmin and PermissionAdmin plugins from corrupting the Configuration Render output and improve Configuration Render to log ConfigurationPrinter failure instead of failing
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Fixed FELIX-2284 /Add common utility method for converting object (array) to string/

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Fixed FELIX-2338 /Problem in the Configuration Render/

Fixed FELIX-2207 /License plugin should support Bundle-License manifest header/

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