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Changeset 1220409 is being indexed.

FELIX-2708 Prevent NPE in LicenseServlet
FELIX-3283 Use generics (reverted in commit #1228221)

FELIX-3298 Add animal sniffer plugin to enforce Java 1.4 API use

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FELIX-3111 : Separate OBR Plugin

FELIX-3107 : Separate Shell Plugin

FELIX-3099 : Separate Deployment Admin plugin

FELIX-3100 : Separate SCR plugin

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Fixed FELIX-3014 : Have a way to "deep link" to a particular tab within Configuration Status

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Remove unused code
FELIX-3027 : Make download links for single configuration status file (or ZIP file) more prominent

FELIX-3040 : Configuration status dump should contain a timestamp when the dump has been taken

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Fixed FELIX-2713 /Problem in HtmlConfigurationWriter/

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FELIX-2570 Allow ConfigurationPrinter services to output HTML code
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Refactor configuration render type detection into a sngle class
FELIX-2659 : ConfigurationRender.searchMethod must catch problems more broadly
FELIX-2658 : Deprecate ConfigurationPrinter.PROPERTY_MODES constant
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FELIX-2652 : Allow attachment providers which do not implement the interface
FELIX-2650 : ConfigurationPrinter with other modes than web should be excluded from web
FELIX-2649 : Support for configuration printers without requiring them to implement the interface
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FELIX-2638 : Make a single configuration printer output available via http
FELIX-2541 Include DEPENDENCIES files on the licenses page
FELIX-2287 Improved Handling of queries on the OBR page:

- accept empty query to select all resources

- print error message if filter string is invalid

- fix WebConsoleUtil.urlDecode to return an empty string if

the value is an empty string (to be inline with the

URLDecode.decode methods).

- add resource symbolic name in parens after presentation

name to differentiate resources with the same presentation

name but different symbolic names

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FELIX-2448 Prevent WireAdmin and PermissionAdmin plugins from corrupting the Configuration Render output and improve Configuration Render to log ConfigurationPrinter failure instead of failing
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Fixed FELIX-2284 /Add common utility method for converting object (array) to string/

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Fixed FELIX-2338 /Problem in the Configuration Render/

Fixed FELIX-2207 /License plugin should support Bundle-License manifest header/

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Fixed FELIX-2253 /Display progress indiciator on configuration status page/

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Resolved FELIX-2149 /Configuration Status tabs are not properly left aligned/

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FELIX-2206 Apply FELIX-2206-fmeschbe.patch turning ConfigurationRender into a special plugin, which is provided with the ResourceBundleManager to be able to translate ConfigurationPrinter titles (to English for now).
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Implemented FELIX-2203

/provide localization of plugin titles/

added English and Bulgarian locales

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FELIX-2199 Extract built-in ConfigurationPrinter classes as top level classes
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FELIX-2158 Apply my FELIX-2158-2.patch
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FELIX-2189 Hide the shell form if the ShellService is not available. Also rename the "console"

script variable to "konsole" to prevent a naming conflict with Firebug ....

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FELIX-2125 Apply patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks) with a small change: The Comparator is created each time for the locale instead of synchronizing on the comparator and setting the locale field. IMHO this is cleaner and the cost of creating the comparator instance is close zero.
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