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Fixed FELIX-2896 Add support for bundle info providers

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FELIX-3283 Revert generification, using annotations, and improved for-loops (commit #1215540)

- keep Java 1.4 animal sniffer plugin

- export webconsole from pom again (but add provide:=true for proper re-import)

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FELIX-3283 Use generics (reverted in commit #1228221)

FELIX-3298 Add animal sniffer plugin to enforce Java 1.4 API use

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reduced eclipse i18n warning by adding $NON-NLS-1$ where appropriate
FELIX-2707 Fix cutting of the URL entry path which may not match the entry path looked up
Fixed FELIX-2609 /WebConsole doesn't work with JDK 1.3.1_06 because of Locale/

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FELIX-1988 Apply 22.assorted3.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks)
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FELIX-1988 Ensure the default local file "" is assigned to the DEFAULT_LOCALE to have the default translations
FELIX-2105 Multiple OSGi/Minimum-1.1 issues:

* Replace use of UUID by another mechanism to generate random fall back file name

* Replace use of Collections.list(Enumeration) by a new method in Util

* Use Locale.ENGLISH instead of new Locale("")

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FELIX-1988 Apply 2.use-utility-methods.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks)
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FELIX-2029 Properly handle the default locale both for placing it at the root of the Locale chain and for keeping it in the resource bundle entries map. Also ensure, that entires may not be overwritten by fragments.
FELIX-1501 Provide Locale in the ResourceBundle
Prevent NullPointerException if the bundle has no locale properties file
FELIX-1051 Add Localization Support based on Bundle-Localization header. Also included is a first shot at trying to implement some templating support. See issue for details.
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