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FELIX-5488 : DS Plugin should use PID from ComponentDescriptionDTO
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FELIX-5023 : Web Console plugin is missing function to enable component descriptions
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FELIX-5005 : BundleInfoProvider should work with null being passed as appRoot
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Implemented FELIX-4998 : Declarative Service plugin might provide JSON format support for Inventory Printer

Fix class cast exception if pid is string[] or collection
Fix bundle info provider
FELIX-4786 : Update to latest DS implementation
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Fixed FELIX-4559 : DS plugin should use Inventory instead of deprecated ConfigurationPrinter

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Fixed FELIX-3140 : Display link for component id within the bundle details and service details view

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FELIX-3861 Define Plugin Category
Fixed FELIX-3441 DS plugin inconsistent status text

the pid could be missing - e.g. no metatype for the concrete pid, so we must catch illegalargumentexception
FELIX-3111 : Separate OBR Plugin

FELIX-3107 : Separate Shell Plugin

FELIX-3099 : Separate Deployment Admin plugin

FELIX-3100 : Separate SCR plugin

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