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FELIX-727 thanks to Rian Wouters
updated dependencies
FELIX-670 Added obr.xml to better describe the basedriver bundle

Updated to match the next felix release

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Added svn properties

Fixed test runtime enviroment boostrap

Fixed dependecy in tester artifact

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Updated bundles version in the UPnP script

Added random generation of devices ID in the examples

Review of driver interface documentation

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Pointed out the properties that should be configured as System Properties (that's all the cyberdomo properties)
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Added new system properties to configure the UPnP basedriver:

felix.upnpbase.log (default 2) (range 0 - 4)

felix.upnpbase.exporter.enabled (default true)

felix.upnpbase.importer.enabled (default true)

felix.upnpbase.cyberdomo.log (default false) (default false) (default true) (default false) (default 5) it represent the delay in seconds to receive an MSearch reply. (it should be between 2 and 10)

cyberdomo.ssdp.buffersize (default 2048) (range from 512 to 65636)

cyberdomo.ssdp.port (default 1900) (according to the UPnP Spec. it should never be changed; range 1024 - 49151 )

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Removed old configuration files and added new ones to launch all the UPnP bundles
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