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Fixed FELIX-2579 by adding a new method extractDeviceType and calling it for root device and its children

Fixed FELIX-2588 by merging org.osgi.service.upnp classes into the bundle during the packaging phase

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FELIX-642 Fixed bug due to the not synchronized method httpRequestReceived of (basedriver importer)
Added svn properties

Fixed test runtime enviroment boostrap

Fixed dependecy in tester artifact

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Updated bundles version in the UPnP script

Added random generation of devices ID in the examples

Review of driver interface documentation

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FELIX-495: Applied a slighty modified version of the POM provided by Stuart

FELIX-494: Applied split-package patch but we'll refactor the code in order to avoid its use

FELIX-488: org.osgi.compendium modified so reverting the import for org.osgi.service.upnp package

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Fixed bug #FELIX-460 in BuildDevice

Removed unused code and avoiding overriding of UPnP configuration in ThreadExporter

Added caching and better control on constraint defined for imported Device in UPnPStateVariableImpl

Fixed compilation issue with jdk13 profile

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Pointed out the properties that should be configured as System Properties (that's all the cyberdomo properties)
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Improved loading of properties in Activator.doInitProperties, now it loads properties from BundleContext

Fixed compilation and run-time issue with JDK13 profile

Almost resolved split-package issue: moved README and

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restored original values
Created a set of properties for the driver:

Bundle load the default properties from and them are overreddin by the system properties

Created javadoc for properties used by the UPnP Base Driver

Added README for describing Javadoc

  1. ./resources/org/apache/felix/upnp/basedriver
fixed bug due to automatic box and unboxing ....
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Reorganized basedriver initialization

added time to string conversion to device

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ExporterUPnPEventListener, UPnPEventNotifier reverting changes in order to follow the specification proposed by Javadoc (FELIX-447)

Fixed blocking compilation issue

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Refined svn:ignore properties

POM modified in order to compile bundle as default

Fixed problem in UPnPEventNotifier which was sending event containg pair <String name,String value> instead of <UPnPStateVariable, Object value> see OSGi Compendium R4 pag. 257

ExporterUPnPEventListener was aspecting pair <String name, Object value> instead of <UPnPStateVariable, Object value> so I have changed it to be complaint to OSGi specification but also legacy compatible

Fixed Service leak in UPnP Base Driver see class MyCtrlPoint

Fixed compilation issue with Java 6 in

TimeStateVariable was returing wrong value with metho getCurrentValue() and was not compatible with Java6

SetTimeAction was not updating the time and it was not notifing the change of the UPnP statevariable

ClockDevice was badly notifing UPnP state variable changeing with pair <String name,String value> instead of <UPnPStateVariable, Object value>

StatusStateVariable was not compatible with Java6

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Modified dependency graph for:

- basedriver; dependency with extra bundle is not more needed. Now the basedriver directly exports the interfaces of the services it registers with the framework ( and

- extra bundle provides only common utilities to write OSGi/UPnP Device services. It is used by the examples

- tv, clock and bynarylight use the extra packages (except for UPnpSubscriber; to do later)

- tester use the basedriver packages for forcing MSearch and Debugging and for resolving relative URLs

Added thread name to TVFrame.class and ClockFrame.class

  1. ./java/org/apache/felix/upnp/basedriver/util
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Moved the method getPropertyDefault() to Basedriver Activator and deleted
Moved and EventSource to the "extra" bundle.

Added dependencies with "extra" bundle to the examples projects

Modified the evented statevariables of the examples to use UPnPLocalStateVariable (since R4) (we used now removed)

Reorganized imports with the following order:


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Added new system properties to configure the UPnP basedriver:

felix.upnpbase.log (default 2) (range 0 - 4)

felix.upnpbase.exporter.enabled (default true)

felix.upnpbase.importer.enabled (default true)

felix.upnpbase.cyberdomo.log (default false) (default false) (default true) (default false) (default 5) it represent the delay in seconds to receive an MSearch reply. (it should be between 2 and 10)

cyberdomo.ssdp.buffersize (default 2048) (range from 512 to 65636)

cyberdomo.ssdp.port (default 1900) (according to the UPnP Spec. it should never be changed; range 1024 - 49151 )

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Resolved some race condition cases

Backporting for JDK 1.3 completed (Thanks to Nico Goeminne)

Added some comment and debug lines

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Removed bundle dependencies between basedriver and extra

Created a profile two profile:

default for JDK1.4 and above

platform=jdk13 for JDK1.3

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FELIX-391: Applied a patch to fix this issue