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FELIX-6014 Updated readme file to point to new location in Health Checks
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FELIX-6083 NPE running systemready
ensure newlines are properly escaped (to not produce invalid JSON responses)
Add local repo config
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Add local repo config
Add local repo config
FELIX-5961 - Move root cause analysis into its own project
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Make classes immutable and more private
FELIX-5907 Add media type application/json to the reporter and ootb servlets
FELIX-5903 - Fix default FrameworkStartCheck in bndtools
FELIX-5899 - Add liveness checks
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Simplify pom.xml
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FELIX-5873 - Change default servlet path to not collide with system console
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Update bnd version. Export packages by annotation
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FELIX-5873 - Remove servlet context select to fix servlet in karaf
FELIX-5872 Fix timing issue in FrameworkStartTest. Other fixes
FELIX-5848 FrameworkStartCheck and general improvements
More info to the FrameworkStartCheck
FELIX-5848 [contribution] Contribute System Ready to felix
  1. ./main/java/org/apache/felix/systemready/rootcause
  2. ./test/java/org/apache/felix/systemready/osgi/util
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