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add NOTICE and DEPENDENCIES files to built bundles

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fix up NOTICE and DEPENDENCY files

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pull common config field up class hierarchy to avoid duplication

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check disabled flag before going any further

further work on FELIX-1355, also tidied up repository preferences as part of FELIX-1649

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use setRepos vs addRepos

further refactor of IRepositoryConfig as part FELIX-1355

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repository config is now managed via a repository path approach (part of work for FELIX-1355)

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remove dangling references go eclipse.common.runtime

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fix toURL usage - avoid potential windows bug in future

reformat code using updated code template (FELIX-1613)

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tidy up common packages to use common prefix (FELIX-2504)
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update bnd to version 0.0.401 and embed dependencies in ivy plugin to avoid need to have extra bnd lib on ivy classpath

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Remove dependency on IPath (FELIX-1509)

Created new Resource concept to encode BND concepts foo, foo=foo, {foo=foo}, @foo (FELIX-1814)

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add [revision] to destpattern in sigil.bundle ant task. FELIX-2290

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add ability to disable repository entry by setting disabled=true

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Check for "system bundle" vs null after change made in FELIX-2133
Open jar file with verify off to improve performance
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Use VersionTable to reduce memory foot print and Object creation (FELIX-2085)

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Ensure ** pattern matches in top level dir (FELIX-1794)

Also patch FindUtil to make unit testing easier

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use TreeSet to ensure project ordering is explicit (FELIX-1664)

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* Remove org.apache.felix.sigil.common.core from org.apache.felix.sigil.ivy.resolver .classpath file

* Refactor resolver code to avoid need to import internal classes


enhance variable substitution (FELIX-1627) to use Ant properties, then System properties, then Environment variables.

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minor debug logging improvement and use Integer.toString instead of i + ""

remove unused init call

unembed eclipse runtime

include eclipse dependencies in stand-alone resolver;

also add manifest Class-Path: bndlib.jar, so BND is implicitly added if it exists in same diretory.

add http authentication (FELIX-1372);

fix inheriting of (FELIX-1609).

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fix: FELIX-1608: non-existent OBR repository is fatal

added optional attribute to supress fatal error.

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changed eclpse projects to use project-specific code formatter.

note: FELIX-1406 has fixed some bugs in the previous eclipse code format template.

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