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fix up NOTICE and DEPENDENCY files

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patch to store classpath results between restarts to aid performance (FELIX-2595)

patches to support cancelation of long running tasks FELIX-2590

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provide utility method to run workspace op in status bar vs pop up dialog

fix for bsn in conversion (FELIX-2576)

tighten exception signature of utility method

tidy up noisy exception when using sigil with non sigil projects

add trivial view of repository path to resolver view

patches for FELIX-2576 and FELIX-2575 - tidy up empty headers in headers file and allow bsn to be different to project name

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tidy up unused import

tidy up some editor warnings (unused packages, generics)

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add visualization of repository props and any problems found during creation of repository

delete unused class

further work on FELIX-1355 - now able to browse repositories defined by projects

involved refactoring of IRepositoryModel and associated classes

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use action to show progress during repository update FELIX-2564

further work on FELIX-1355, also tidied up repository preferences as part of FELIX-1649

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further work towards FELIX-1355 - now projects can compile against repositories defined in files as well as those defined in eclipse preferences

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tidy up default constructor

work in progress supporting view of export changes

sync supported fixes with actual fixes and add comment about unhandled case

add comment about potential enhancement

reduce visibility of internal method

experiment with ChangePreviewers

start work on refactor participant to handle move of exported classes (FELIX-2500)

tidy up/refactor in prep for FELIX-2500

add base selection dialog - part of refactor in progress

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start work on view for -contents details

remove unused import

refactor progress reporting from dependency on org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor (FELIX-1509)

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tidy up various compiler warnings - unused packages, generics etc