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Patches for FELIX-2160 and FELIX-2161 - now manages project warnings internally vs in external job also added support for refreshing project and ensure that views are updated when editting in rich client or text editor
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pass in monitor to allow user feedback
tidy up unused import
fix for FELIX-2154 do not call dispose on shared image!

also fixed handling of project during edits related to change made in FELIX-2153

Change API for checking if packages are part of bundle - use package fragments vs roots to improve performance
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Update internal values that use sets etc to use null objects or arrays to improve memory profile FELIX-2092
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Usage of VersionTable FELIX-2085
Use VersionTable to reduce memory foot print and Object creation (FELIX-2085)

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stop "OSGi Install" check for timebeing (FELIX-1924)

add rebuildDependencies method to be called by text project editor widget when saved (fix for FELIX-1905)

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Use BaseWorkbenchContentProvider instead of ContainerTreeProvider as it provides the same/better functionality
update image
tidy up unused imports
add larger icons and use in sigil project wizard

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update bundle and error icons

add collapse all action to repository view

add bundle refesh icon (FELIX-1336)

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further icon updates (FELIX-1336)

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provide package, import-package, require-bundle, export-package + (error and optional equivalents)

update icon paths in label provider


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tidy up some remaining cauldron references

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+ */

move classes related to util functions to util package

add UIHelper class for trivial filter and label provider impls

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patch for FELIX-1583 - refactored LDAP and VersionRange classes into own bundle

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remove dependency on internal pde classes FELIX-1490

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tidy up npe caused by commented out image reference
remove non osgi concepts, create plugin functions later via extender and service patterns

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check if widget is disposed before calling refresh FELIX-1452
update extension point constant to match new org.apache namespace

tidy up old cauldron references

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tidy up unused imports

FELIX-1322 bulk update of formatting based on eclipse style referenced in

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