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move internal packages to tidyup package hierarchy (FELIX-2501)
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further progress towards rationalising eclipse/ui packages - moved all exported packages (FELIX-2501)

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initial work towards (FELIX-2501) moved SigilUI to ui/src/org/apache/felix/sigil/ui/eclipse/

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improve performance of resolver in workspaces with many sigil projects - prevent cyclical resolver tasks

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Patches for FELIX-2181 - now runs workspace resolve task using a damped delay to ensure that event storm does not trigger multiple project builds.

Also filter refresh events in workspace repository to ensure that only sigil projects trigger a repository change event

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Patch to address ui/classpath consistency issues when adding and removing projects from workspace that provide dependencies (related to FELIX-1349)
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FELIX-1322 bulk update of formatting based on eclipse style referenced in

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