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handle variable source path FELIX-2586

tidy up internal classes move them to non exported packages or reduce class visibility

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further work on FELIX-1355, also tidied up repository preferences as part of FELIX-1649

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refactor progress reporting from dependency on org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor (FELIX-1509)

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further tidyup - imports/unused code etc

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reformat code using updated code template (FELIX-1613)

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tidy up common packages to use common prefix (FELIX-2504)
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use PathUtil to get IPath from file - fix for FELIX-2488

Remove dependency on IPath (FELIX-1509)

Created new Resource concept to encode BND concepts foo, foo=foo, {foo=foo}, @foo (FELIX-1814)

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add helper methods to aid refactoring support (FELIX-1346)

Patch to improve IDE performance - avoid recalculating dependencies if no requirements or capabilities have changed (FELIX-2164)

Also as part of this patch have generalised the req/cap model with the addition of IRequirementModelElement and ICapabilityModelElement interfaces

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Workspace repository now filters exports that project doesn't actually contain in "compile time" resolution mode (FELIX-1502)
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tidy up npe caused by adding system bundle repository to repository set (FELIX-2133)

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patch for FELIX-1583 - refactored LDAP and VersionRange classes into own bundle

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remove non osgi concepts, create plugin functions later via extender and service patterns

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FELIX-1322 bulk update of formatting based on eclipse style referenced in

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Fix for FELIX-1384
Fix for FELIX-1381
fix for FELIX-1374

fix for FELIX-1366