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add convenience constructor

tidy up unused import
Ensure correct id is used
patches to support cancelation of long running tasks FELIX-2590

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filter classpath depenencies based on whether they have been added as libs to bundle FELIX-2587

handle variable source path FELIX-2586

pull common config field up class hierarchy to avoid duplication

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fix for FELIX-2583 - use java model vs resources to find package names

tidy up internal classes move them to non exported packages or reduce class visibility

  1. ./apache/felix/sigil/eclipse/internal/property
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fix classcast exception

fix handling of static providers after changes in FELIX-1355

fix for FELIX-2574 - check if project exists before further work

patches for FELIX-2576 and FELIX-2575 - tidy up empty headers in headers file and allow bsn to be different to project name

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handle singleton repository providers more intelligently part of FELIX-1355

remove unused imports

further work on FELIX-1355 - now able to browse repositories defined by projects

involved refactoring of IRepositoryModel and associated classes

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further work on FELIX-1355, also tidied up repository preferences as part of FELIX-1649

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further work towards FELIX-1355 - now projects can compile against repositories defined in files as well as those defined in eclipse preferences

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fix FELIX-2180 - autogenerated methods were not implemented (headbang)

use shared util method to read Manifest from ZipFiles (FELIX-2527)

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tidy up unused codepath

refactor progress reporting from dependency on org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor (FELIX-1509)

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further tidyup - imports/unused code etc

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reformat code using updated code template (FELIX-1613)

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tidy up common packages to use common prefix (FELIX-2504)
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update comment

use PathUtil to get IPath from file - fix for FELIX-2488

Remove dependency on IPath (FELIX-1509)

Created new Resource concept to encode BND concepts foo, foo=foo, {foo=foo}, @foo (FELIX-1814)

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add preference key as part of FELIX-2483

add helper methods to aid refactoring support (FELIX-1346)