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tidy up common packages to use common prefix (FELIX-2504)
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update bndlib to 0.0.384

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Remove dependency on IPath (FELIX-1509)

Created new Resource concept to encode BND concepts foo, foo=foo, {foo=foo}, @foo (FELIX-1814)

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add [revision] to destpattern in sigil.bundle ant task. FELIX-2290

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fix FELIX-611: -resource: @path-to-jar should only resolve path-to-jar if it exists

allow pass through of {} parameters to resources to allow bnd to preprocess resources FELIX-1605

patch for FELIX-1583 - refactored LDAP and VersionRange classes into own bundle

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formatting only
patch for FELIX-1448 appends "!*" to import package statements if !addMissingImports is set
delete osgi extensions - dl jars, publish files and composites

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* Allow files to specify -singleton=true to cause bundles created by this project to be marked as singletons FELIX-1351

* Tidy up large methods into sub methods for readability

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Tidied up some lingering references
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FELIX-1322 bulk update of formatting based on eclipse style referenced in

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