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FELIX-2669 move maven plugin code to maven-scr-plugin subfolder
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FELIX-1225 : Set factoryPid attribute of Designate element if component is a factory.
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FELIX-1010 : Add annotations support for SCR plugin. Apply patch from Stefan Seifert
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Correct javadocs.
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Three fixes:

- The <AD.type> attribute must be created. If no explicite type is given, String is used as default

- setDefaultValue and setDefaultMultiValue only do anything if the respective data is not null

(otherwise setDefaultMultiValue would overwrite a scalar value if no multivalue is given)

- Don't generate Metatype descriptors for wellknown service properties

(, service.description,, service.ranking, service.vendor,

service.bundleLocation, service.factoryPid)

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