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[felix] remove top level reactor since it doesn't work, fix the readme

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <rotty3000@apache.org>

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Initial contribution of Bundle Archive File Installer Extension

IP Clearance vote result: https://www.mail-archive.com/general@incubator.apache.org/msg62591.html

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Add check plugin to reactor
Move R7 work to osgi-r7 directory
Add missing projects to reactor pom
Add all webconsole plugins to reactor
Update reactor pom
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Remove unnecessary profiles from reactor pom
Remove obsolete obr plugin
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Remove obsolete service binder
Remove obsolete modules for R4 (core, foundation, compendium) and javax.servlet 2.1
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Added resolver. Removed dependencymanager.
[FELIX-4371] Integration bundle needed to work with the OSGi Repository CT

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Rename status printer to inventory
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FELIX-3874 : Create new status printer module
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FELIX-3705 import new JAAS OSGi support (contributed by Chetan Mehrotra, thank you very much)
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felix: add httplite to global module list.
Remove obsolete subproject. (FELIX-3044)

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FELIX-2669 Remove scr-annotations module from main reactor
Remove karaf profile.

Add gogo to main pom, add gogo-parent to gogo reactor
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Try to fix the build from the whole trunk
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Add utils project to the build and make sure utils/bundlerepository are built before the bundleplugin as they are dependencies
Initial commit of User Admin contribution, slightly modified POM file and

reformatted source code to match common Felix style. (FELIX-1853)

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Removed the dependencymanager.shell module as that will be merged inside dependencymanager.
FELIX-1607 : Add new plugin to build
FELIX-1456: Attached it to master pom
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Use released domoware artifacts (available on central)
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Temporarily remove upnp from build (until remote repo is back)
FELIX-1467: Add Karaf to top-level build files
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