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Remove obsolete obr plugin
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Update pom files to use the 1.0.4 parent pom (bulk change).
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Updated svn:ignore to ignore eclipse metadata generated by the eclipse:m2eclipse goal

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-obr-plugin-1.2.0
Latest plugin doc
Update plugin descriptions
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Update plugin NOTICEs to include usage of Apache developed dependencies
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Update NOTICE format
Updated docs
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FELIX-479: add supportedProjectTypes configuration option
FELIX-479: add supportedProjectTypes configuration option
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FELIX-475: determine correct URL based on remote repository layout
Enable deploy goal, as it's not yet bound to the bundle lifecycle
Code cleanup
FELIX-475: simplify deploy goal (don't need custom bundle url)
FELIX-475: support deploy-file goal
FELIX-475: refactor obr:deploy goal to better match deploy:deploy
Rewrite deploy-file goal from scratch
Ignore Maven's default value for -DobrRepository command-line setting
Lock down plugin dependencies in pom.xml (mvn dependency:analyze)
FELIX-475: refactor install-file goal to match with the one from the install plugin
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FELIX-475: update install goal to match the one from the bundleplugin
FELIX-475: log if we add customized obr.xml details to the repository
Use updated org.osgi.service.obr jar
Cleanup minor code warnings
More cleanup of duplicate files
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FELIX-474: fix remote locking
Correct copyright notice
Update notices
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