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FELIX-3976 - Move the online manipulator out of the core bundle

FELIX-3903 - Migrate tests to pax exam 3 : migrate the online-manipulator tests to pax exam 3

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set svn ignore globally
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Fix FELIX-2323 : Unbind method are no more called during the invalidation process if this process is not triggered by a service departure

Fix FELIX-2279 : Support post-registration and post-unregistration callbacks (injection of the service reference). Add the processing of @PostRegistration and @PostUnregistration.

Reformat the online-manipulator tests.

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Add license and notice file to the online-manipulator

Add apache license header to the online-manipulator

Edit license and notice file of junit4osgi

Add the online-manipulator to the reactor

Fix a potential NPE in the manipulator when the Created-By entry does not exist in the manipulated jar

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