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Add session to junit4osgi:

- services are automatically unget

- instances created with the iPOJO helper are automatically disposed

Add a log service implementation to the junit4osgi plugin to collected logged messages during test execution (as well as messages printed on System.out ans System.err).

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Updates doc folders with new changelog files and update embedded documentation

Adds the ASM licence in the manipulator project

The maven-ipojo-plugin's architype targets the latest released version.

Adds a visibility test in the composite test suite.

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Updates the test suite:

- the manipulation test suite was split into 4 bundles in order to reduce the bundle size (for the MIKA VM).

- a test suite for Java 5 was created. This test suite focus on Java 5 specific features (annotation, auto-boxing, new inheritance features ...)

- a temporal test suite was improved to assert waiting time

- the configuration admin test suite was improved to test the integration with Equinox Configuration Admin and KF2 Configuration Admin (as well as the Felix configuration admin)

Those tests contain test about the Felix-739 issue

  1. ./apache/felix/ipojo/test/scenarios/manipulation
  2. ./apache/felix/ipojo/test/scenarios/component
  3. ./apache/felix/ipojo/test/scenarios/component/A123
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