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Updated versions.
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Adapted tests to stress the new manipulator.
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Externalize versions into the parent pom.
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Replace ${pom.*} by ${project.*}
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Re-structure the test suites, use withiPOJO and OSGi test helpers.

Also update some test to the latest tinybundles.

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Fix FELIX-2308

Fix FELIX-2309

Update versions

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Update versions.
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Fix version number consistently
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Migrate the test suite to iPOJO 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT

Update the iPOJO start level of the lifecycle callback handler.

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Update dependencies to point on iPOJO 1.2.0.

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The test suites now use the new junit4osgi (the group id has changed).
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Fix issue Felix-828

The JMX Handler name attribute creates correctly the name part of the MBean objectname.

Fix issue Felix-829

The JMX Handler property and method sub-elements should use the JMX handler namespace to be compliant with the XML Schema.

Fix issue Felix-830

Simplify the custom annotation processing to avoid using id/parent attributes.

Fix issue Felix-825

Provide annotations for the JMX handler

Update pom files to use the RAT plugin (allowing to automatically check missing license)

Update pom files to use the Checkstyle plugin (check automatically code format)

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Fix issue Felix-815.

Properties becomes optional by default.

Unvalued properties are not published with the service reference until they receive a value.

Setter methods are not called until properties receive a value

Injected values in fields follow standard Java initialization (null for object and arrays, 0 for numeric types, false for boolean).

Mandatory properties can be set with the 'mandatory' attribute (supported in XML and in the annotations).

The core.xsd XML Schema is also modified to add the new attribute.

This improvement allows removing default value in properties (such as in the architecture handlers).

Provides test about this new improvement

Fix issue Felix-816

The comparator attribute is now supported for any binding policy.

Provides test about using custom comparator with any binding policy

Fix issue Felix-817

Solve an issue in the ServiceExporter when a service in unregistered twice (throws an IllegalStateException since a recent modification of the Felix framework).

Fix issue Felix-818

Implement the ServiceReferenceImpl compareTo method (method added in OSGi R4.1). This method reuse the same implementation as the Felix framework ServiceReferenceImpl method.

Remove junit4osgi embedded tests

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