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Updated versions.
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Adapted tests to stress the new manipulator.
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Externalize versions into the parent pom.
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Start working on FELIX-2636 Cannot control the validity of an iPOJO instance using a configuration property

The issue seems to be fixed.

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Replace ${pom.*} by ${project.*}
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Re-structure the test suites, use withiPOJO and OSGi test helpers.

Also update some test to the latest tinybundles.

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Fix FELIX-2308

Fix FELIX-2309

Update versions

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Update versions.
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Fix version number consistently
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Migrate the test suite to iPOJO 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT

Update the iPOJO start level of the lifecycle callback handler.

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Update dependencies to point on iPOJO 1.2.0.

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Fix issue Felix-846.

Despite the provided approach is not the cleanest (due to a maven issue), this patch allows setting iPOJO metadata in the pom file inside a CDATA block such as in:




















<component classname="org.apache.felix.ipojo.test.FooProvider" name="fooprovider">


<property field="foo" value="foo"/>



<component classname="org.apache.felix.ipojo.test.FooWhiteBoardPattern" name="under-providers">



onArrival="onArrival" onDeparture="onDeparture" onModification="onModification"




<component classname="org.apache.felix.ipojo.test.FooWhiteBoardPattern" name="under-properties">

<wbp:wbp filter="(foo=foo)" onArrival="onArrival" onDeparture="onDeparture"












So, the metadata attribute can be either absent (only annotations), or can contain the name of the metadata file or can contain iPOJO metadata in a CDATA block.

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The test suites now use the new junit4osgi (the group id has changed).
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Fix issue Felix-828

The JMX Handler name attribute creates correctly the name part of the MBean objectname.

Fix issue Felix-829

The JMX Handler property and method sub-elements should use the JMX handler namespace to be compliant with the XML Schema.

Fix issue Felix-830

Simplify the custom annotation processing to avoid using id/parent attributes.

Fix issue Felix-825

Provide annotations for the JMX handler

Update pom files to use the RAT plugin (allowing to automatically check missing license)

Update pom files to use the Checkstyle plugin (check automatically code format)

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Prepares for next development iteration (1.1.0-SNAPSHOT)

Updates dependencies to target latest released version

Adds the compareTo method to (required by the newest OSGi Core)

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Change the maven-bundle-plugin version to use the 1.4.2.

Add the <parent> element to the JMX handler and to the event admin handler pom files.

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