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Changeset 1034778 is being indexed.

Add two tests where the lifecycle controller is configured with the config admin
Add test using the config admin and lifecycle controller
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Fix FELIX-2694 Instance state not recomputed after reconfiguration when the instance is stopped

When the instance is stopped, after the reconfiguration the instance is restarted.

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Fix version number consistently
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Update The TYPE[].class construction is not supported by Apache Harmony. So, an empty array has to be created and the .getClass() method called.

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Fix XSD locations.
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Migrate the test suites to the new junit4osgi development model (use getContext() to get the bundle context instead of context).

Add <parent> in pom files

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Fix issue Felix-815.

Properties becomes optional by default.

Unvalued properties are not published with the service reference until they receive a value.

Setter methods are not called until properties receive a value

Injected values in fields follow standard Java initialization (null for object and arrays, 0 for numeric types, false for boolean).

Mandatory properties can be set with the 'mandatory' attribute (supported in XML and in the annotations).

The core.xsd XML Schema is also modified to add the new attribute.

This improvement allows removing default value in properties (such as in the architecture handlers).

Provides test about this new improvement

Fix issue Felix-816

The comparator attribute is now supported for any binding policy.

Provides test about using custom comparator with any binding policy

Fix issue Felix-817

Solve an issue in the ServiceExporter when a service in unregistered twice (throws an IllegalStateException since a recent modification of the Felix framework).

Fix issue Felix-818

Implement the ServiceReferenceImpl compareTo method (method added in OSGi R4.1). This method reuse the same implementation as the Felix framework ServiceReferenceImpl method.

Remove junit4osgi embedded tests

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Updates the medata.xml file to remove an unused component type
Updates doc folders with new changelog files and update embedded documentation

Adds the ASM licence in the manipulator project

The maven-ipojo-plugin's architype targets the latest released version.

Adds a visibility test in the composite test suite.

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Fix issue Felix-716

Provides XML-Schemas for core features (core handler, component, handler, instance), compositions, external handlers.

Modifies the manipulator in order to check schema when specified in the XML descriptor.

Tests suites now use schemas.

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Update the test suite to refer to the 'name' => '' change

Add tests checking inner classes.

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Add some tests checking that instances are consistently created and disposed according to their factories validity / invalidity.
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