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Apply the path for FELIX-5285.
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Release Preparation:

- update changelogs

- bump version to run the final tests)

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FELIX-4419 Open access to InstanceDeclaration and TypeDeclaration

* Added DeclarationBuilderService interface

* InstanceBuilder produces DeclarationHandle to XYZDeclaration

* Declarations now also implements DeclarationHandle

* Added some core-it tests to show typical service usage

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Try to stabilize concurrent TestCase

Lower assertions level (this is to dependent on the thread pool behavior and the OS).

FELIX-4268 Duplicated name errors always happen when there are 2 factories with the same name

* Generating a name always produce a unique name

* When name is provided by the instance, only check uniqueness and try appending factory's version if any, then re-check

* Changes NameGenerator interface (no more used for provided name verification)

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FELIX-4265 Provides a recorder for startup events

* Exports the o.a.f.i.extender.queue.debug package

* Register a QueueEventProxy service when JVM started with 'org.apache.felix.ipojo.extender.BootstrapQueueDebug=true' system property

  1. ./felix/ipojo/extender/internal/queue/debug
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FELIX-4264 JobInfo should provide a way to identify the kind of task

* Changed Callable<T> to Job<T>, added requirement on BundleReference

* Identify 3 types of jobs

* Updated implementations and test cases

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FELIX-4262 QueueServices should be observable

* Added QueueListener to observe from a third-party what's going on in the thread pool

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FELIX-4252 Make Extender's ThreadPool size configurable

* Oops, forgot to register my service under ManagedService interface ...

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FELIX-4252 Make Extender's ThreadPool size configurable

* Through "org.apache.felix.ipojo.extender.ThreadPoolSize" System property

* Through ConfigurationAdmin (PID: org.apache.felix.ipojo.extender.ExecutorQueueService)

* Added a ThreadGroup iPOJO Extender's threads

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Fix FELIX-4240 and FELIX-4242:

FELIX-4240 Support the 'exception' attribute in service dependencies

FELIX-4242 Support the 'timeout' attribute in service dependencies

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FELIX-4228 Improve dependency identification in log messages and exceptions

Define a standard format to identify service dependencies within messages.

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FELIX-4164 Instance / Component matching regression

* Tracks instances specifying the component's name OR the component's classname

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Provide interceptors mechanism as described in FELIX-4120
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FELIX-4113 Factories not disposed when the extension provider is leaving

* ServiceTracker.addingService() is expecting a non-null value if interested in the service

* I was returning null (missed that in refactor), so serviceRemoval() was never called

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Fix FELIX-3932 - Allow dependency filters to get context-source variables

Dependency filters can now have variables written like ${var}. These placeholders are replaced by values found in context-sources. System properties and instance configurations are used as context sources. Other sources can be exposed as OSGi services.

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Refactor tests

Add TIME_FACTOR to invoker

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Fix FELIX-4034

Define the DSL, the @Configuration annotation

Implement the processor looking at the @Configuration annotation and creating the instance declaration

Add some tests

I also introduce a couple of utility class to simplify reflection.

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Makes tests compatible with Java 5.

Provide the new extender model.

This work was mostly done by Guillaume Sauthier.

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set svn ignore globally
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Add license header to test classes
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Follow up on FELIX-3621

The runtime must also adapts its method id computation.

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