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Changeset 1525393 is being indexed.

Fix FELIX-4236 Unvalued properties should be part of the instance's architecture

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Fix FELIX-4130

Allow retrieving the component instance from the instance description object

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FELIX-4109 ComponentTypeDescription.addProperty() ignore immutable parameter
FELIX-3895 ( - iPOJO instance is not shown (with the "arch" commands) if constructor is failing

The architecture service is now published even is the instance is stopped. This, in combination of the declaration bindings error (available through the instance declaration service)

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Fix FELIX-4040, reimplement configuration admin support
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Provide the new extender model.

This work was mostly done by Guillaume Sauthier.

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set svn ignore globally
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FELIX-3843 ClassCastException when listing service properties of a non-ComponentFactory Factory service

* Remove un-needed cast to ComponentFactory

Fix for Felix-3560

* New class CustomHandlerInfo is added for custom handlers to embed their custom information into ComponentTypeDescription for both later retrieval and contribution to description output in Arch commands.

* ComponentTypeDescription is extended to accept CustomHandlerInfo and dump it as output in getDescription()