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Apply the path for FELIX-5285.
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Fix FELIX-4455 by providing a better error message
Fix FELIX-4717

Distinguish two classes to handle the method conflict.

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FELIX-4713 - Change how interface are loaded when checking the provided services (interfaces).
Fix FELIX-4715

Support the instance bundle context injection for instances declared in @Configuration

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Fix FELIX-4713

Applied proposed patch.

Replace calls to String.isEmpty by a .length() == 0, as the isEmpty method is only available in the JDK 7.
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Fix FELIX-4508

Update to ASM 5.0.2

Update the manipulator to reflect the API changes introduced between ASM 3.3.1 (the previously used version) and ASM 5.0.2

Update the Felix Framework version to execute the manipulator tests

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upgrade manipulator version to 1.11.2, and fix @since tags
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Provide the @Context handler

Fix FELIX-4229, FELIX-4272 and FELIX-4273

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Fix FELIX-4432

DefaultServiceRankingInterceptor holds duplicate dependencies

Change the dependencies field to be a 'set' instead of a 'list'

FELIX-4419 Open access to InstanceDeclaration and TypeDeclaration

* Added DeclarationBuilderService interface

* InstanceBuilder produces DeclarationHandle to XYZDeclaration

* Declarations now also implements DeclarationHandle

* Added some core-it tests to show typical service usage

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Fix FELIX-4386

Invalid synchronization of the component type description. The value is immutable.

Extend declaration to handle the bundle context
Fix FELIX-4374

Change synchronization protocol in the provided service class.

Fix FELIX-4335 (

Add a method to retrieve the current value of a property as object.

Update version

Rely when required on the new manipulator

Fix the manipulation process in api and composite (two-phased process)

Change the @since tag from 1.10.2 to 1.11.0

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Let the getRequiredHandlerList method throw ConfigurationException.
FELIX-4268 Duplicated name errors always happen when there are 2 factories with the same name

* Generating a name always produce a unique name

* When name is provided by the instance, only check uniqueness and try appending factory's version if any, then re-check

* Changes NameGenerator interface (no more used for provided name verification)

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FELIX-4265 Provides a recorder for startup events

* Exports the o.a.f.i.extender.queue.debug package

* Register a QueueEventProxy service when JVM started with 'org.apache.felix.ipojo.extender.BootstrapQueueDebug=true' system property

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Quick fix: executionTime counter was still running after exception
FELIX-4264 JobInfo should provide a way to identify the kind of task

* Changed Callable<T> to Job<T>, added requirement on BundleReference

* Identify 3 types of jobs

* Updated implementations and test cases

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