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Check the config admin support on the latest Felix's config admin
FELIX-3895 ( - iPOJO instance is not shown (with the "arch" commands) if constructor is failing

The architecture service is now published even is the instance is stopped. This, in combination of the declaration bindings error (available through the instance declaration service)

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Test refactoring.
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Make tests compiled on KF
Fix tests on KF
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Fix FELIX-4048 (

The factory cannot be started when such error occurs

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Avoid test overlapping.
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Add a grace period to wait until the configuration is pushed.
Test cleanup
Reduce the version of the event admin used in test to avoid issues on KF
Test cleanup
fix test failure on equinox
Refactor tests

Refactor tests

Refactor tests

Add TIME_FACTOR to invoker

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Handle asynchronous deletion of instances
Improve test reliability by adding a stability check on startup
Move tests to avoid using the managed service factory directly (not exposed anymore)
Improve test reliability by adding a stability check on startup
Fix FELIX-4040, reimplement configuration admin support
  1. ./it/ipojo-core-configuration-admin-test/src/test
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Fix FELIX-4034

Define the DSL, the @Configuration annotation

Implement the processor looking at the @Configuration annotation and creating the instance declaration

Add some tests

I also introduce a couple of utility class to simplify reflection.

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Add central repository
Cosmetic fix
Use PerMethod strategy to avoid conflicts between tests.
Fix XSD declaration
Fix XSD location (due to CMS change)
Fix XSD locations (due to the CMS change)
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Improve test reliability

Reduce the complexity of the Logger code

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