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Changeset 1592771 is being indexed.

Migrate the composite support, iPOJO API and Online manipulator to the new manipulator API (FELIX-4509).

The iPOJO API build a classloader around the given bundle context.

The composite use the class's classloader (should not be used anyway as the generated code is pretty simple)

The online manipulaotr use a bridge loading classes from the original bundle (under deployment) and from the set of deployed bundles

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Update version

Rely when required on the new manipulator

Fix the manipulation process in api and composite (two-phased process)

Change the @since tag from 1.10.2 to 1.11.0

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Fix FELIX-4151 - Fix mistakes in the javadoc tags
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FELIX-4146 Add getInstances and getInstanceNames in the Factory interface
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Provide interceptors mechanism as described in FELIX-4120
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FELIX-3895 ( - iPOJO instance is not shown (with the "arch" commands) if constructor is failing

The architecture service is now published even is the instance is stopped. This, in combination of the declaration bindings error (available through the instance declaration service)

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FELIX-4045 Chain Exceptions when possible

* Added some Throwable parameters in Exception sub classes to enable chaining

* Tracked most of the missing chained call in runtime project

* Chaining has not been changed in IT modules

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Added generics to factories.
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Fix ambiguity in the method parameters
Simplify factory classloaders.
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set svn ignore globally
  1. ./org/apache/felix/ipojo/composite/architecture
  2. ./org/apache/felix/ipojo/composite/service/provides
  3. ./org/apache/felix/ipojo/composite/service
  4. ./org/apache/felix/ipojo/composite/instance
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Apply patch for FELIX-3599.
Updated changelog

Updated pom files (and dependencies)

Updated copyright year

Added missing methods in FactoryProxy.

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