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Migrate the composite support, iPOJO API and Online manipulator to the new manipulator API (FELIX-4509).

The iPOJO API build a classloader around the given bundle context.

The composite use the class's classloader (should not be used anyway as the generated code is pretty simple)

The online manipulaotr use a bridge loading classes from the original bundle (under deployment) and from the set of deployed bundles

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Update version

Rely when required on the new manipulator

Fix the manipulation process in api and composite (two-phased process)

Change the @since tag from 1.10.2 to 1.11.0

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Fix FELIX-4151 - Fix mistakes in the javadoc tags
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Provide interceptors mechanism as described in FELIX-4120
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FELIX-4045 Chain Exceptions when possible

* Added some Throwable parameters in Exception sub classes to enable chaining

* Tracked most of the missing chained call in runtime project

* Chaining has not been changed in IT modules

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Simplify factory classloaders.
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set svn ignore globally
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