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Changeset 1592838 is being indexed.

Revert to Java 6.
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Migrate the BND plugin to the new manipulator API. The classloader is built from the analyzer jars. (FELIX-4509)
Migrate the Ant task to the new manipulator API. The classloader is built from a classpath element (new Ant task parameter). (FELIX-4509)
Migrate the composite support, iPOJO API and Online manipulator to the new manipulator API (FELIX-4509).

The iPOJO API build a classloader around the given bundle context.

The composite use the class's classloader (should not be used anyway as the generated code is pretty simple)

The online manipulaotr use a bridge loading classes from the original bundle (under deployment) and from the set of deployed bundles

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Migrate the iPOJO Maven Plugin to the new manipulator API. The classloader is built from the transitive set of dependencies of the current project. (FELIX-4509)
Reflect the API changes because of FELIX-4509, and add a test triggering frame issues.
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Provides utility classes to create the classloader used by the manipulator to compute frames, and add a classloader parameter to the pojoization methods. (FELIX-4509).
To correctly compute the frames, we need a way to load classes - so a classloader. The manipulator now takes a classloader as parameter used for this purpose. (FELIX-4509).
To avoid breaking the APi, re-add a getNode method returning object (FELIX-4509).
Fix the packaging of the online-manipulator (the ASM updates has changed the set of import/private packages).
Revert the Java compiler configuration to 1.6
Fix FELIX 4509

Change the way frames are computed. This commit removes the previous "retroweaving" hack, and relies on ASM to compute frames. A simple extension of ClassWriter is provided to change the way ASM is implementing the getCommonSuperClass method.

It also improves a bit the code of the iPOJO API by using generics and for each loops

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Fix FELIX-4508

Update to ASM 5.0.2

Update the manipulator to reflect the API changes introduced between ASM 3.3.1 (the previously used version) and ASM 5.0.2

Update the Felix Framework version to execute the manipulator tests

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FELIX-4482 - Use scope=provided for OSGi APIs dependencies

* core and online-manipulator updated

* it modules does not have exclusions anymore

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Removed empty directories
Use the manipulator BOM to harmonize dependencies' versions
Only style: 2 spaces indent for Xml
switch version to dev (after release)
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Fix @since tag
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.ipojo.manipulator-project-1.11.2
downgrade iPOJO core version (just before release)
add *.iml and target to svn-ignore
Fix the packaging of the test bundle when the directory contains a space
update release notes for iPOJO manipulator 1.11.2, remove an item not yet fixed (release preparation)
update release notes for iPOJO runtime 1.11.2 and manipulator 1.11.2 (release preparation)
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FELIX-4454 Online manipulator should be able to take advantage of Stereotypes

* Use the new manipulator-bom

* Moved AnnotationLiteral into the spi package (seems more logical to group class usable from modules)

* Changed the Module API a bit (module still have to implement the configure() method, but the container do not call that method itself (avoid multiple invocations leading to duplicate bindings))

* Introduced ModuleProvider interface for Pojoization to normalize the way modules are given to the manipulator

* Refactored a bit the 'ipojo:' UrlHandler (use of annotation + logservice)

* Provided a dedicated ResourceStore that search for annotation bytecode in all available bundles

* Added IT tests to ensure that services modules are accessible and that annotation bytecode is usable

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change iPOJO core version in tests (release preparation)