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Fixed FELIX-3244

Applied the patch from Thomas changing the visibility of the parseHeader method

Fixed FELIX-3145

* The ant task must embeds the classes from the new manipulator

* The manipulator must computes the frame.

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Removed unused import statement
Fixed FELIX-3131

Manipulation metadata are now returned using the discovery order.

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Fixed FELIX-3098

Bug introduced during my last refactoring creating a NOOP instead of storing the reporter.

Adapted the code style to match the overall code style of iPOJO
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Small adaptation of the code to use Java 5 generics.
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Fixed FELIX-3078 and FELIX-3079

The new manipulation process is now easily embeddable and the process can be extended.

Thanks to Guillaume Sauthier for this hard work.

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Fixed FELIX-3012.

Changed the PREFIX of intercepted methods, to avoid potential conflicts with generated getters and setters.

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Fixed FELIX-3017 : return the original class if the class is already manipulated
[FELIX-2825] - The maven-ipojo-plugin does not replace component classes in WAR files
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Update the exported package version and the imported ones.
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Fix FELIX-2779 iPOJO manipulator badly supports custom annotation attributes of type Class

Just applied the provided patch and update the changelog.

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Avoid a potential NPE in arch

Clean the output of the manipulator during annotation processing.

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Configure the RAT plugin for the webconsole-plugin project

Add a test about a potential NPE in the Annotation Collector.

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Fix FELIX-2755 Allow the manipulator and the different front end to use several metadata files

Modify some test projects to use this new feature.

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FELIX-2743 Modify Pojoization to be more easily customizable

Apply patch from Olivier Gattaz and Thomas Calmant to make Pojoization more easily extensible.

I've slightly modify the patch to meet the overall Code Style.

Remove annotations test requiring java 5 (this was here temporally)

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Integrate the constructor-injection branch into the trunk.
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Fix FELIX-2732

Compute the id by removing the 'modified' prefix if possible:

modifiedFoo => Foo

Lookup component classes in WEB-INF/classes if not found in the root.
Fix FELIX-2664 Native methods should not be manipulated

Fix FELIX-2630 Rename @Component attributes to follow the java naming conventions

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Fix FELIX-2622 Support static service properties that are not mirrored into fields

Introduce a new StaticServiceProperty annotation:



specifications= {FooService.class, BarService.class},

properties= {

@StaticServiceProperty(name="prop1", value="prop1", type="java.lang.String"),

@StaticServiceProperty(name="prop2", type="java.lang.String"),

@StaticServiceProperty(name="props", value="{prop1, prop2}", type="string[]"),

@StaticServiceProperty(name="mandatory1", mandatory=true, type="string")


To improve the error management, we can't use the ServiceProperty annotation as the type attribute is mandatory.

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remove useless import
Fix FELIX-2542 - Annotations on methods parameters are not moved on public methods after manipulation

Parameter Annotations were not moved to the interceptor method during the annotation processing. This is now fixed.

As for method annotations, only annotation visible at runtime are moved, others are ignored.

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Fix Felix-2487

If @Component is missing, the annotation processing is aborted.

This case is detected by the MetadataCollector, but the warning message is handled by Pojoization

Add tests.

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FELIX-2485 Improve the performance of the manipulator on large files

Now we use a buffered copy instead of byte-based copy. The difference is notable moslty on huge file, like native libraries.

Fix FELIX-2461

Add a specification attribute to the @ServiceController

Modify the PRovidedServiceHandler to support this attribute

Parse this attribute in the manipulator

Add the test cases

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Fix FELIX-2430

The super() invocation was not correctly computed. It wrongly guess that it is the first <init> call, but not necessary. Now, the super call detection check for the super class name.

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Fix FELIX-2323 : Unbind method are no more called during the invalidation process if this process is not triggered by a service departure

Fix FELIX-2279 : Support post-registration and post-unregistration callbacks (injection of the service reference). Add the processing of @PostRegistration and @PostUnregistration.

Reformat the online-manipulator tests.

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