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Migrate the composite support, iPOJO API and Online manipulator to the new manipulator API (FELIX-4509).

The iPOJO API build a classloader around the given bundle context.

The composite use the class's classloader (should not be used anyway as the generated code is pretty simple)

The online manipulaotr use a bridge loading classes from the original bundle (under deployment) and from the set of deployed bundles

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FELIX-4454 Online manipulator should be able to take advantage of Stereotypes

* Use the new manipulator-bom

* Moved AnnotationLiteral into the spi package (seems more logical to group class usable from modules)

* Changed the Module API a bit (module still have to implement the configure() method, but the container do not call that method itself (avoid multiple invocations leading to duplicate bindings))

* Introduced ModuleProvider interface for Pojoization to normalize the way modules are given to the manipulator

* Refactored a bit the 'ipojo:' UrlHandler (use of annotation + logservice)

* Provided a dedicated ResourceStore that search for annotation bytecode in all available bundles

* Added IT tests to ensure that services modules are accessible and that annotation bytecode is usable

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FELIX-3976 - Move the online manipulator out of the core bundle

FELIX-3903 - Migrate tests to pax exam 3 : migrate the online-manipulator tests to pax exam 3

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