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Fix FELIX-4725 using the proposed approach.
Fix FELIX-4668

When a required stereotype class (or any class) is not in the bundle, tries to load it from the classpath.

Apply path from Luke Winkenbach to fix FELIX-4612
Cleanup dependencies (FELIX-4482)
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Provides utility classes to create the classloader used by the manipulator to compute frames, and add a classloader parameter to the pojoization methods. (FELIX-4509).
To correctly compute the frames, we need a way to load classes - so a classloader. The manipulator now takes a classloader as parameter used for this purpose. (FELIX-4509).
To avoid breaking the APi, re-add a getNode method returning object (FELIX-4509).
Fix FELIX 4509

Change the way frames are computed. This commit removes the previous "retroweaving" hack, and relies on ASM to compute frames. A simple extension of ClassWriter is provided to change the way ASM is implementing the getCommonSuperClass method.

It also improves a bit the code of the iPOJO API by using generics and for each loops

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Fix FELIX-4508

Update to ASM 5.0.2

Update the manipulator to reflect the API changes introduced between ASM 3.3.1 (the previously used version) and ASM 5.0.2

Update the Felix Framework version to execute the manipulator tests

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Removed empty directories
Fix @since tag
FELIX-4454 Online manipulator should be able to take advantage of Stereotypes

* Use the new manipulator-bom

* Moved AnnotationLiteral into the spi package (seems more logical to group class usable from modules)

* Changed the Module API a bit (module still have to implement the configure() method, but the container do not call that method itself (avoid multiple invocations leading to duplicate bindings))

* Introduced ModuleProvider interface for Pojoization to normalize the way modules are given to the manipulator

* Refactored a bit the 'ipojo:' UrlHandler (use of annotation + logservice)

* Provided a dedicated ResourceStore that search for annotation bytecode in all available bundles

* Added IT tests to ensure that services modules are accessible and that annotation bytecode is usable

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Provide the @Context handler

Fix FELIX-4229, FELIX-4272 and FELIX-4273

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Remove a reference to a not yet finished feature.

Detect inner classes that should have been marked static but are not.

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Remove traces, add test checking static inner classes
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Fix frame generation error in the inner class manipulation. This commit is related to FELIX-4255 Extend the inner class manipulation to allow method interception,
Reduce the check to determine if the class was already manipulated or not.

* FELIX-4251 The @Bind annotation should use Class instead of String

* FELIX-4269 Introduce an enumeration to configure binding policy from the annotation

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* FELIX-4254 Specify the method id of methods from inner class

* FELIX-4255 Extend the inner class manipulation to allow method interception

* FELIX-4257 Allow the dependency handler to track the entry and exit of inner class methods

I think the leak is circumvented now, have to think about the test protocol to check it.

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Start working on FELIX-4253 Add methods from inner classes in the metadata collected during the manipulation

Inner classes are added to the manipulation part of the metadata.

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Fix FELIX-4256 Avoid manipulation native and static methods from inner classes

Static inner classes and native method from inner classes are no more manipulated.

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Fix FELIX-4240 and FELIX-4242:

FELIX-4240 Support the 'exception' attribute in service dependencies

FELIX-4242 Support the 'timeout' attribute in service dependencies

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FELIX-4219 Variables named not stored in bytecode for constructors during manipulation

Modify the constructor manipulation to keep the argument names.

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FELIX-4215 Extend manipulation metadata with argument names

Extract argument's name from the byte code (local variables) and extends the MethodMetadata to handle them.

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Remove traces
FELIX-4112 Add meta-annotations for handler description

* @HandlerBinding can be used to declare an annotation as a handler

annotation (will produce Elements in the metadata structure). The

supporting annotation type do not have to be in a package containing

'handler' or 'ipojo'

* @Ignore can be used to ignore an annotation that would be (otherwise)

mapped to a custom handler annotation (because it contains 'handler'

or 'ipojo' in its name)

* Unified support for @Stereotype, @HandlerBinding and @Ignore

* Merged BindingRegistry and AnnotationBindingRegistry into 1 entity

** Implementation is split into 3 delegating registries for better

separation of concerns

* Module DSL improved to support @Stereotype, @HandlerBinding and

@Ignore registration

* Added annotations javadoc

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FELIX-4021 maven-ipojo-plugin fails on WAR packaging

* When writing back resources, their paths were not converted